FWE Celebrates Earth Day 2019

Earth. What more is there to say about it that hasn’t already been said? She has been the only home we have ever known, in the wide unknown of the universe. It is a single blue light in adrift in an endless sea of stars.

We are the caretakers of this world and its sustainability falls on each of us. Food Warming Equipment Company understands the challenges facing our home and takes part in several initiatives to do our part in protecting this planet.


One of the lesser known benefits is our reduction in IT Server space. We took several physical servers and consolidated them onto a Virtual Machine. This allowed us to reduce our server space by 3 times! Even better, our employees can access the server remotely by using a virtual desktop, reducing the amount of waste at the end of a piece of hardware’s life cycle.


FWE uses recyclable corrugated board. We also work with Vendors to reduce the amount of packaging required to get products delivered safely. Over the years, FWE has experimented with the reduction of our packing materials to safeguard the environment while assuring product to market requirements. In addition to corrugated board, FWE cycles containers, boxes, paper goods, wood, shipping skids, and metal.


    FWE has given or planted over 350 trees through its effort of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has reduced the company’s overall impact on the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outside the four walls of the factory.


As most manufacturing facilities know, paperwork is an essential requirement to keep production organized and timely. Leading edge factory techniques have given birth to an in-house hyper “E-manufacturing environment” at FWE we have reduced paperwork and drawings in the factory by 99%. While no organization is completely paperless, FWE has taken considerable effort in reducing its paper needs to only a fraction of what would have otherwise been used in a traditional manufacturing facility.

Visit our Community and Sustainability page, here, to learn more about how FWE gives back the planet that has given us so much.

FWE Donates Over 75 Units of Blood!

On Wednesday, November 7th FWE hosted our very own Blood Drive with the help of the American Red Cross staff in Portland, TN. We had 17 employees participate in the blood drive yesterday, in 2018 alone we have donated 76 units of blood. we’re so proud of everyone who gives to this great cause.

The blood that has been donated will be used during blood transfusions that are given to patients in a variety of circumstances such as serious injuries, surgeries, childbirth, anemia, blood disorders, cancer treatments to just name a few. The American Red Cross ensures that your donated blood “journeys through many steps and tests that ensure [their] blood supply is as safe as possible and helps as many people as possible”.

Your willingness to donate blood helps save people’s lives every day, lives like our teammate, Brandon Justice. Brandon shared his survival story with us regarding a car accident that resulted in life-threatening injuries back in October 2017.

“Life Flight transported me to Vanderbilt and they had to give me two units of blood during the flight. At Vanderbilt, they did emergency reconstructive on my leg and I had to have another seven units of blood during my operation. While I was in the hospital recovering, I required teo more units of blood. Thanks to volunteer blood donors, there were 11 units of blood available when I needed it.”

Brandon not only gave blood during FWE’s drive yesterday but encouraged many of his fellow coworkers to donate, too. Helping those who need it is a big part of the culture here at FWE, we proudly encourage our team to give back when they can. If you are looking to find a blood drive near you, go to the American Red Cross page and type in your zip code where the “Find a Blood Drive” is located in the top right-hand corner. You can also apply to host your own blood drive, just like we did at FWE.

Geoff Buhrow & Virgil Guerrero Earns Award for Their Hard Work & Commitment to FWE

Please join FWE in congratulating our two newest recipients of the Extra Mile Award, Geoff Buhrow and Virgil Guerrero!

During the process of setting up the 3rd laser, Geoff put in many long hours, including work on Saturdays and Sundays. He went above and beyond the call of duty working with Amada to get the laser up and running. We feel his work to help bring this project to completion definitely qualify as an “Extra Mile” effort.

At the same time, Virgil was here constantly getting the laser ready. He put in countless hours, including working Friday evenings, and weekends. Without his help, this project would have taken much longer to complete. The type of effort he put forth clearly demonstrates going the “Extra Mile.”

-About Food Warming Equipment-
Food Warming Equipment Company, (FWE) was founded in the 1940s in the suburbs of Chicago, pioneering the “HOT-SERVE” line of Food Warming & Conveying Cabinets and Portable Bars for Pepsi-Cola. The Company incorporated in 1953. FWE offers Low-Temperature Cooking – Holding Ovens, Full Line of Heated Serving products and cabinets, Utility Cabinets, Mobile Refrigeration / Freezers, Portable Bars and the “PHTT”…the advanced and Intuitive Climate Control™ technology that automatically maintains the set levels of heat and humidity for short or long-term holding. For more information, visit www.FWE.com

FWE Inside the New JW Marriott Nashville!

The newest luxury hotel in Nashville!

Being able to help a customer realize their dream is what drives FWE to provide the best solutions in the business. That is why we are proud to be a part of the newest addition to the Nashville skyline, the JW Marriott. This all new construction stands 33 stories above the Nashville giving guests a view of Music City that is nothing short of breathtaking. The newest luxury hotel in the Marriott family has a total of 533 guest rooms, three restaurants, a spa, and a 50,000 square feet event space.

FWE is proud to have a place among its amazing and robust kitchen. With our heated plate transport and storage cabinets, JW Marriott can ensure that your food will serve timely. With an E-Z access rotating base, along with front door and flip-back top access, allows for easy loading and unloading of all dishes. We are excited to have shipped six of these storage cabinets to the JW Marriott.

Ideal for hotel/resorts, banquet operations, and restaurant establishments, the heated rotary dish cabinets are built stronger and perform better than any other on the market today – period!

Our unmatched design results in fast heat-up times and consistent plate temperature. Featuring a low profile design conserves valuable floor space by fitting under a 36″ counter; along with the high-quality stainless steel construction FWE is known for.

FWE has been delivering quality products since 1953 as part of our mission to provide our customers with the best products in the industry. Our ability to find solutions no one else can is what makes us essential for any kitchen.

We are looking forward to seeing the guaranteed success of the new JW Marriott in Nashville!

FWE Celebrates 65 Years!

Founder Oren E. Klemm

2018 marks 65 years since Food Warming Equipment Company was incorporated. In those years FWE has continued to stay on the forefront of the industry. An American business with international reach, FWE is always looking ahead.

But, that does not mean we cannot look back at our history.

Founded by Oren E. Klemm in the mid to late1940s and it was Klemm who was the pioneer behind the famous “HOT SERVE” line of cabinets. At the time, what would become FWE shared a home with Klemm’s main enterprise known as Peerless Water Filters, a water filtering equipment, and water tank manufacturer.

Former owner Richard Klemm, Oren Klemm’s son, recalls how his father altered the way we prepare food for the masses.

“Previously, when you attended a banquet or wedding the head table would be finished eating long before everyone else had even been served their food.”

Dick Klemm Showing off FWE’s Mobile Bars

But with FWE’s Heated Holding Cabinets and the like, chefs could keep mass amounts of food hot and ready to serve so that everyone got to eat at once. The original risks set the perfect stage for 65 years and allowed FWE to be unafraid to continue to take those risks. At FWE we cultivate the brightest, toughest, and the most committed people around. It has been a great 65 years. Here’s to another 65 better years!


Current President, Deron Licthe with FWE employees during a 50th year anniversary photo-shoot in 2003

Come See Us at SNA’s #ANC18

This year we are excited to return to SNA’s ANC! Food Warming Equipment will be in Las Vegas, NV, from July 9th through the 12th. Find us at Booth #1060 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Click here to see a layout!

Read below about all the equipment we will be bringing and we hope to see you there!

What is SNA’s ANC?

The full name of the event is the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference. Their mission is:

The School Nutrition Association is a national, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 58,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country.

As for the conference itself now running for 71 years, hosts nearly 7,000 people for four days to share the latest innovations, ideas, and practices for the K12 food service industry.

FWE is proud to have a presence here, this year we are showcasing lots of different solutions and here are just a few:

Serving Wells:

The heated serving well keeps hot food warm and refills close at hand.
  • With a soft, radiant, uniform heat that gently surrounds food to provide a better appearance, taste, and longer holding time.
  • Each well and the heated compartment is controlled separately for added versatility.
  • Equipped with a magnetic workflow door handle – operations eliminate the need for latch hardware and provide a cleaner look. Save time and money on replacement parts and maintenance fees; with no moving parts to bind or wear out.

Humi-Temp Series:

FWE food warmers are used to keep your hot food hot and ready until serving time.
  • Several models from this series will be present like the UHS, PS, and TS units.
  • FWE’s patented Humi-Temp heat and humidity system eliminate hot and cold spots by gently circulating hot, moist air throughout the interior of the cabinet.
  • Models like UHS-12 are energy star approved to help you save money while protecting the environment.

Clymate IQ:

Clymate IQ® cabinet shows off FWE’s intuitive climate control.
  • Consistency throughout – All Clymate IQ®cabinets features a unique push/pull air distribution system to provide uniform temperature and humidity on every level, throughout the unit.
  • Fast Recovery – Clymate IQ® gets back to temperature fast – you don’t have to worry about losing heat and humidity if you open and close the door repeatedly during peak service times.
  • Heats up fast – the Clymate IQ® cabinets’ intuitive climate control technology reaches the set humidity faster than the competition.

To see new items and features not at the show, join us on our What’s New page over at www.fwe.com/whats-new!

In addition to that, your model might be in need of some casters. Our new Caster Page will get you rolling.

We will see you at #ANC18!

Deron Lichte Volunteers at St. Vincent’s

The executive committee receives instructions before starting their day of service at St. Vincent de Paul, Madison, Wisc.
The executive committee receives instructions before starting their day of service at St. Vincent de Paul, Madison, Wisc.

Recently, Food Warming Equipment Company’s President, Deron Lichte, and his fellow NAFEM executives took time out of their day to travel to Madison, Wisconsin. While there they went to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry to volunteer with the staff there.

“NAFEM is an association of 550+ foodservice equipment & supplies manufacturers providing products for food preparation, cooking, storage & table service.”

The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry is an organization that helps disenfranchised families in a certain area with food costs.  Here is how the Madison pantry operates:

FWE President, Deron Lichte, stands with the other NAFEM Executives as they prepare to volunteer at the Madison St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.
FWE President, Deron Lichte, stands with the other NAFEM Executives as they prepare to volunteer at the Madison St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

“We run one of the largest, busiest food pantries in Dane County. Our St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry operates on a customer-choice basis. Using “points” based on your household size, you can shop our pantry like a grocery store for the food you and your family prefer and will eat.”

Deron and the group getting down and cheesy for their volunteer work!
Deron and the group getting down and cheesy for their volunteer work!
Deron getting cheesy!
Deron getting cheesy!
Deron Lichte (L) presents Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (R) with a NAFEM Chef Coat!
Deron Lichte (L) presents Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (R) with a NAFEM Chef Coat!

After getting into some cheesy situations at the food pantry. Deron Lichte along with the other executives met with the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, to discuss the importance of the manufacturing industry to the American economy.

FWE is proud to have a President that is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help his fellow men and women in need.

The NAFEM Executive Committee with Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.
The NAFEM Executive Committee with Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.

FWE Cools Off Summer With Its Refrigeration line!

Keeping your food cool in the summer can be an arduous task, especially if you are busier than ever. You need a product that is versatile like you. That’s where Food Warming Equipment comes in. Don’t let the name fool you. We build some of the world’s best refrigeration equipment. And our wide array of products can suit nearly any need.

Let’s start simple with the Universal Refrigerator Series or the URS and the Universal Freezer Series or UFS. Like most of our refrigeration units, the URS and UFS are made for transport applications and constructed of high-quality stainless steel. They both feature a unique tray slide design that holds the various trays and pans from the bottom for extra support.

What if you don’t have room for both in your kitchen? We have you covered with the Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer Series or URFS for short. Have the ultimate foodservice flexibility, as your needs for food storage change from cooling to freezing simply adjust the settings as needed on the URFS cabinet.

Need something that can both heat and cold? We got that too. This is the Dual Temp; it is a Universal Heated/Refrigeration Series or UHRS. We promise that’s the last acronym. This series can heat or cool your food. With the UHRS, you have the stainless steel body, a bottom mounted compressor that allows for beverage dispensers and top guard rails that can be added.

Next up is the Refrigerated Satellite Cabinet; this unit is specifically designed and fabricated for transport applications like hotels, convention centers, hospitals, and more.

Let’s get to the most innovative design series from FWE’s refrigeration line, the Air Screen. We are going to paint a picture here. You are working at an amusement park in July. It is the biggest weekend of the year and it just so happens to be the hottest day yet. You have a line of customers that wraps around the concession stand wanting something cold. With most commercial refrigerators the longer you leave the door open to get the product the less cool the unit can keep your drinks.

With the Air Screen that is the purpose of the unit. Models like the Air Supremacy can keep the door open through the lunch rush even if that rush lasts three hours.  The Air Screen technology is a game changer in terms of commercial refrigeration.

Finally, the last product in this line is the newest addition to the family, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder. This unit fills an important place in FWE’s goal to help our customer’s craft the perfect pizza.  Made of the reliable construction FWE is known for, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder is both strong and easy to use.

Congratulations Megan Davis!

This is Megan Davis, she has been with Food Warming Equipment for over 5 years. When FWE made the move from Crystal Lake, IL to Portland, TN it was not long before Megan joined our team. Working in the customer service department she quickly grew and adapted to the fast-paced operations at FWE!

We want to congratulate Megan on becoming our brand new Customer Service Lead! In her new role, she will work more closely with the Customer Service Manager and will ensure that any customer orders go through without a hiccup.

Megan Davis was recently promoted to our customer service lead.

Megan is a wonderful employee, co-worker, mother, and friend to recognize this we spoke with Megan about her time with FWE in Portland and what this promotion means for her. Click HERE to watch our first ever Employee Spotlight on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe for more spotlights to come!

Thank you for all your hard work, Megan and congratulations!