The State of Restaurant Sustainability Report

Here at Food Warming Equipment Co., we strive to make as many products as possible to meet new energy sustainability standards, that is why we submit our equipment to be rated by the Energy Star system. Creating energy efficient systems for our cabinets not only protects the planet but also your wallet when the energy bill comes due.  

On February 7th, 2018, the National Restaurant Association released the newest edition of the State of Restaurant Sustainability report. The purpose of this report is to show the new trends in green-friendly practices in restaurants and help newcomers to understand what sustainability can do for them. The report covers all types and sizes of restaurants.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Water saving innovations: We all know that restaurants need bathrooms and we all know how much water is used in a typical flush of the toilet. This is why many restaurants are employing the low-flush toilets to help lower water usage in the establishment.
  • Energy-efficient equipment: The report shows that nearly 80% of all restaurants employ the use of energy efficient lights and more than half utilize programmable heating. Around 40% use Energy Star rated cooling systems. (Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ice makers)
  • Waste Reduction: Around half of all restaurant operators keep a diligent track of all food wasted in their establishment creates with 20% of total restaurant operators choosing to donate edible leftovers to charities in their local community.

FWE is proud to have energy efficient equipment to help restaurant operators achieve their goal of sustainability.

You can read the full report here.

FWE Says “Thank You, Javier!”

Deron Lichte (FWE President, left) shown with Javier (Right) on Retirement Celebration Day
Deron Lichte (FWE President, left) shown with Javier (Right) on Retirement Celebration Day

This is Javier Espinosa; he started working at FWE in 1987 at our factory in Crystal Lake, IL. In his time with Food Warming Equipment Company, Javier wore a few hats. From General Assembly to Electrical Javier was essential in making sure that FWE is synonymous with quality. When a new custom order came through Javier was the one entrusted with building it.

Joining us less than a year of FWE’s manufacturing facility burned down in 1987, Javier has stuck by FWE through thick and thin. Even moving 500 miles south with the company when we relocated from Crystal Lake, IL to Portland, TN in 2012. That level of commitment did not go unnoticed.

But all good things must come to an end and on February 27, 2018, Javier retired from FWE and will return to Crystal Lake, IL. His commitment was rewarded as a thank you for 30 great years of service, President and CEO of FWE, Deron Licthe honored Javier with an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world.

Javier has chosen the sunny beaches of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico to relax with family.

From everyone here at FWE, we would like to say, “Thank you, Javier!”

NAFEM Helps Make Energy Star Audits More Efficient

To make products better, faster, and customer affordable Food Warming Equipment Co. needs to make units at a high level of efficiency. Part of this efficiency is the Energy Star rating that FWE is proud to have adorned on their products. Energy Star is a program that manufacturers volunteer to enter that helps both companies and individuals save money through efficient energy. The benefit is two-fold, first is the cost savings on your energy bill and second is environmental protection from the same energy efficiency. 

NAFEM has been discussing with the Environmental Protection Agency to aid the U.S. Government in making the Energy Star audits even more efficient by conducting audits through a third-party. This process was first only approved on steam cookers. In 2018, the Department of Energy is beginning to look into expanding the program to other food service equipment. Government funding prevents the DOE to implement this change. Fortunately, NAFEM is working to expand the program.  Read about it on NAFEM’s website:

FWE boasts a large array of products with the Energy Star rating. Visit our webpage at Here, you can view our most popular models with the Energy Star rating. Discover the Energy Star rebate and see if you qualify! On our page, we invite you to look at our FAQ and learn about the Energy Star rating.

What do these changes to the process mean for the FWE consumer? It means that the consumer gets the product better, faster, and affordable.

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Free Shipping Now on School Foodservice Equipment

FREE SHIPPING* Available on Six Popular School Foodservice Models!
Must use Promo-code. Click here for details.

It is essential to support students with quality food. Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) can look at a district’s menu and help fit the right piece of equipment to meet the district’s needs. FWE has the right staff to ensure you’re going to get a quality product.


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Passive Humidity Maintains Moisture for a Varitiety of Products
• All Welded Tube Frame & Perimeter Bumper Standard for Years of Use!



• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Passive Humidity Maintains Moisture for a Variety of Products
• All Welded Tube Frame & Perimeter Bumper Standard for Years of Use!


FWE has the expertise in K-12 School Foodservice, Colleges, and Universities to support your School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP).


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Flexibility to Use for Bread Proofing or Bulk Veggie Holding!
• Un-Matched Ease of Cleaning – Removable Standard 12×20 Hotel Pan Water Reservoir



• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Exact Temperature & Humidity Control for Sensitive Products like Lean Proteins
• Extra Fast Recovery of Both 


Select FWE models (above) have earned the ENERGY STAR and may qualify you for government or private industry rebates,  savings and more to optimize your purchase.


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Exact Temperature & Humidity Control for Sensitive Products like Lean Proteins
• Extra Fast Recovery of Both



• Cut Cross Traffic by Having Back-Up Right Under Serving Wells!
• Individually Controlled Wells & Heated Compartments for Versatility!
• Available with Tray Slide Shelves, Sneeze Guards & End Mounted Shelf Optional Accessories to Fit Your Service Layout


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Congratulations to Micah Beard our latest ‘Extra Mile Award’ Winner!

Micah Beard Earns Award for His Hard Work & Commitment to FWE 

Please join us in congratulating Micah Beard, our next winner of the Extra Mile Award!

Congratulations to Micah Beard our latest 'Extra Mile Award' Winner!
Congratulations to Micah Beard our latest ‘Extra Mile Award’ Winner!

It is not the length of an employee’s tenure that speaks to their quality of work. It is the effort put into the work. Since joining FWE in May of 2017, Micah has put in 200% into everything he has done for us. He has adapted quickly to policy, procedure and tasks given. He continues to think outside of the box to make procedures better for every task we present to him, without asking.

Micah’s commitment to his work has persevered through many long days and sometimes, long nights. A complete overhaul of our company history wall shows us all on a daily basis how planning, research and passion can build a beautiful story. We thank Micah for his dedication to telling our story the right way. As FWE’s Graphic Designer, Micah has elevated the artwork and photography of the company to the next level. He is always ready, willing, and able to provide design insight that keeps FWE in front of the curve and competition.

Keep up the good work, Micah!

About Food Warming Equipment
Food Warming Equipment Company, (FWE) was founded in the 1940s in the suburbs of Chicago, pioneering the “HOT-SERVE” line of Food Warming & Conveying Cabinets and Portable Bars for Pepsi-Cola. The Company incorporated in 1953. FWE offers Low Temperature Cooking – Holding Ovens, Full Line of Heated Serving products and cabinets, Utility Cabinets, Mobile Refrigeration / Freezers, Portable Bars and the “PHTT”…the advanced and Intuitive Climate Control™ technology that automatically maintains the set levels of heat and humidity for short or long term holding. For more information, visit

Heated Holding Essentials Every Pizzeria Needs at Pizza Expo

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From point-of-sale display units, to under counter access, to full size cabinets, FWE has a pizza solution for everyone. 

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Heated Holding Shelves

Our Special Offer on the new HHS series of heated shelving.  Designed as a solution for the Grab-and-Go, pick-up process. Perfect for anyone serving pizza pies or pizza by the slice, as well as any variety of hot products that need to be kept warm for carry-out.

FWE is offering free shipping on several Heated Pizza Cabinets that eliminate hot & cold spots by circulating hot air throughout the cabinet.  Click here for more details and specs.

Pizza operators can add moisture on Heated Proofer Cabinets in order to achieve the perfect results they want. 

Heated Display Cabinets can be used on the floor or under counter for grab and go ease of access. 








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American Red Cross Blood Drive at FWE’s Tennessee Manufacturing Facility

American Red Cross Blood Drive Bus at FWE shown with FWE President Deron Lichte
American Red Cross Blood Drive Bus at FWE shown with FWE President Deron Lichte

At Food Warming Equipment we understand the needs of the greater community around us. That is why we have partnered with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive for FWE employees. Founded by a nurse who worked during the American Civil War the American Red Cross official began operations in the early 1880s. For over 135 years the American Red Cross has been saving lives not only at home but abroad. Nearly 40% of all the blood donated in the United States comes from the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross FWE Blood Drive, FWE's National Sales Manager Travis Hartley shown donating blood.
American Red Cross FWE Blood Drive, FWE’s National Sales Manager Travis Hartley shown donating blood.

Blood donation is but a small part of ARC’s humanitarian activities including First Aid, CPR, Water Safety, Scientific Research, Cellular Therapy, and many more. But the ARC is most notably known for its Disaster Relief programs during Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, and others.

Hosting the blood drive was an easy set up all any host needs to do are three simple steps outlined on the website. The host needs to offer a suitable location for donating. They need to help recruit donors within the organization. It is the responsibility of the host to schedule the donors for the appointment slot. The ARC does the rest.

American Red Cross FWE Blood Drive, Chris Huffman shown donating blood.
American Red Cross FWE Blood Drive, FWE’s Vice President Chris Huffman shown donating blood.

FWE was proud to host a blood drive for company employees on January 31, 2018. Many employees including company Vice President, Christopher Huffman (shown left) were present to donate. For every person that donates blood can have the potential to save the lives of up to three people for eight to ten minutes out of a day FWE thinks that it is worth every second. 

Go to to find out more information about donating blood or hosting your own blood drive!

Big Banquets are Big Business for the end of year Holiday Celebrations

With all the hustle and bustle the holiday season can bring, some venues feel more pressure and stress than any other time of year.

Banquet halls and staff are often pushed to the limit for a diverse assortment of special events. Hired to host company parties, end-of-year award ceremonies, holiday fund-raisers, New Year’s Eve and increasingly the Christmas Eve and Christmas day banquets themselves. Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has the perfect offer for this time of year.

Your holiday events can range from serving small groups of fifteen, or a grand hall of five hundred banquet guests over the next few weeks. Each requiring the special, personal touch in an effort to deliver a perfect meal service. More than any other time of year, banquet halls and venues require reliable holding cabinets to service everyone. The more you can service, the greater your opportunities and return.

Our FWE model P-120 Banquet Cabinet for pre-plated meals 
holds up to 120 meals for up to 11 inch plates.
heated holding cabinet for banquets and food transport

The Quick Ship program is available to many of our FWE Banquet Serving solutions and Mobile Bars, for efficient beverage service anywhere the party is located. You can have reliable equipment within two business days of receiving your order.

Act now. Save now. For years to come, FWE can assure you have best stainless foodservice equipment with our standard warranty of 2-years on parts and 1-year labor. FWE’s guarantee that you will have a solid, dependable equipment to accommodate the largest gatherings.

FWE model CB-6 Portable Bar is used for conventional beverage service using cans & bottles.  Choose from several laminate color selections.Portable Bars for beverage services anywhere inside outside

Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
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New Culinary Arts Program Offers New Opportunities

In just a few weeks after the ribbon cutting ceremony, the D155 Crystal Lake South High School (CLSHS) Culinary Program is well underway and performing better than ever expected. With the installation of a brand new Culinary Arts kitchen at CLSHS in October, this state of the art facility is an enviable commercial kitchen to behold. Equipped with all the latest features and apparatus.

Handy Line Companion series of Heated Holding Foodservice Equipment
FWE Model HLC-2127 food warmer for School Foodservice

With the help of McHenry County College (MCC), awarding grant money and materials, Community High School District 155 (D155) students can now enroll in a Culinary Arts I & Culinary Arts II program. MCC also provided ServSafe textbooks, available for students to get a head start and by earning Managers Certification. Other donations, like that of Food Warming Equipment, Inc. (FWE)sought fit to donate several brand new Heated Holding Cabinets (Model: HLC-2127-9-9) to the project. Much-needed equipment, to students endeavor, that help them take charge of lucrative business opportunities as entrepreneurs and management in future hospitality and foodservice.

Deron Lichte with donated Heated Holding Cabinet at Crystal Lake South High School
At Center; Deron Lichte, FWE President and Michelle Kidd Industry / Careers Division and lead of the new Culinary Arts program.

Kristin Sedej, (FCSI, Principal & Owner of S2O Consultants) did a spectacular job at taking this small space and creating something amazing. “We are quite impressed with what this facility has to offer and excited about the outcome for the students who will be developing real-world skills,” said FWE President, Deron Lichte while touring the well appointed kitchen of his alma mater’s new program.

“My goal after high school is to pursue a career in culinary arts and hoping to get my bachelors degree it is my dream to one day to have my own restaurant and not cooking for the money but to cook to make other people happy and to do what I love and that is cooking,” said Eduardo Hernandez, said Crystal Lake Central senior.

– “For the 2017-18 school year, 193 In Culinary Arts I Commercial students study the principles of nutrition and food preparation including food service and meal management. Students will earn the Food Handler’s Certification upon completion of this course and passing of the state exam. The Culinary Arts II Commercial course is designed to expand the student’s skills by preparing and presenting a variety of food products. Students can also elect to take the Managers Certification exam.”- D155 News Post October, 12  



FWE Supporting “Love Helps” Youth Mission

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) stands behind the vision for the Love Helps organization to foster youth as good citizens, allowing them to reach their fullest potential by promoting literacy, student achievement, and positive character. The goal has always been to educate and guide children toward responsible behavior through positive character development using diverse programs networked with the community and administered with love.

Deron Lichte presents Love Helps with a donation of $2,500 at Golf Outing, sponsored by Inman Foodservices Group, Tennessee

Founded in 1995, Love Helps Inc. is a Nashville, Tennessee based nonprofit organization working in Middle Tennessee’s public schools to encourage responsible behavior that can lead to a lifetime of success.

FWE has a long-standing commitment to giving back to communities in need. Under Deron Lichte’s helmsmanship, as President of Food Warming Equipment Co., FWE has been actively  been involved in many charitable initiatives focused on education and mentorship. In this regard, FWE finds supporting youth development projects to be most fulfilling. Mr. Lichte regularly provides financial support, needed equipment, and on-the-job training opportunities for students in the areas of culinary arts, technology, and other educational endeavors.

Deron Lichte presents Executive Director, Dean Baker with gift for Love Helps, Inc

Our mission is to prepare children and young adults with the skills they need to go out and make a difference in the world. To encourage and educate students about the importance of positive character development and personal responsibility. All that may serve as a foundation for future business and community leaders, Good decision-making and socially responsibility are well-learned behaviors in all areas of life.

FWE’s President, Deron Lichte affirms this commitment to education and has been a committed supporter and advocate in charitable giving through many events for over 20 years, with the invaluable, strong support, and sponsorship of Inman Foodservice Group. We look forward to our continued relationship with the Inman Foodservice Group and Love Helps for years to come.  We encourage everyone to volunteer or help with financial support to organizations, such as Love Helps. 

Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
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