More Kitchen Solutions for Compact Operations

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) kicked off 2016 with the a system of smaller, efficient Cook & Hold Ovens, Heated Holding “Hot Box” Cabinets and Precision Humidity Controlled solutions.

Egg Rolls

Designed for Point-of-Purchase (POP) at convenience stores and chain restaurants, these models are also perfect for “on-the-go” operations.

FWE’s latest advancement of  Low Temperature Cook & Hold Oven (LCHR-1220-4) is sized perfectly for smaller volume operations or volume servers who require constant replenishment.  It fits well in countertop use or built-in applications. Size, controls, construction and weight make this solution one of the easiest to operate and maintain.


This versatile and compact oven keeps product moist and juicy for greater yield while retaining more flavor.  Once the cooking process is finished, the same LCHR oven can automatically switch into “holding mode” to keep products hot and delicious for hours.


As with all Food Warming Equipment, this compact Cook and Hold oven is built sturdy and is highly mobile.  They are perfect solution for on-site or off-premise events and do not require a hood for ventilation.

Look details on additional FWE equipment that is designed to provide kitchen solutions for compact operations in upcoming months.

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Hot Box Solutions for Compact Operations

FWE introduces the Newest Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet (HLC-PSGN-5).  In a continuing series of new, smaller and more efficient Cook & Hold Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets that are designed for “on-the-go” operations.

As with all Food Warming Equipment (FWE) solutions, this counter-top unit is built sturdy and made to last with frequent handling and use.  Highly mobile and transportable, this cabinet is perfect for on-site or off-premise events as well counter-top accesss and  and holds 12” x 20” pans, 18” x 13” trays and Gastronorm containers and pans.   HLC-PSGN-5_Points

FWE’s HLC-PSGN-5 Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet is designed for high volume chains and convenience stores that require pre-load and constant replenishment of food throughout the day.

Uniform, radiant heat, with light airflow throughout, gently surrounds food, keeping it hot and ready-to-serve for hours. Your choice of options for the HLC-PSGN-5 includes handles, pedestal legs or casters that make the cabinet highly transportable.

Like all FWE cabinet and oven solutions, heavy-duty all stainless steel construction stands up to the most demanding environments.

For more information,
contact FWE 800-333-4393