Caster changes for E, E-XL, E-XXL, ETC and ETC-1520 Series Specification Sheets

Spec Sheet Update for E, E-XL, E-XXL, ETC, and ETC-1520 Models - Master Casters!

We have standardized the ‘Master Caster‘ on twenty-six (26) models spanning five (5) specification sheets. The following Specification Sheets are the updated documents: E, E-XL, E-XXL, ETC and ETC-1520.

The Master Caster were made standard on the following:

The Master Caster greatly improves ease of mobility for these heavier models. Note that the single-door ETC and ETC-1520 models remain standard with the Cart Wash Quiet Ride casters, which provide many of the same features as the Master Casters while still supporting their weights comfortably.

References to casters in the numbered bullets, feature callouts, photos and long forms have been updated to reflect these changes.

To learn more about Casters, please visit this page: