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Meet Our All New RD-10 Series Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet!

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet
FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet

Today Food Warming Equipment proudly presents the Refrigerated Dough Retarder! This new product is fresh off the FWE assembly line and is ready to serve you and your customers. Manufactured to ensure consistency in your dough rise as well as promote complex flavor development that excellent airy structure in pizza crust.

  • Available now!
  • Ideal for use with dough press
  • Fast cool down time reaches 55°F retarding temperature (13°C) in less than 10 minutes
  • Electronic, easy-to-use, lockable controls concealed inside cavity
  • LED bulb in top of unit illuminates interior cabinet when door is open
  • Self-closing door stays open at 90 degrees or more for easy loading and unloading
  • Features a 1/4 HP compressor and dynamic condenser which enhances cooling in warm environments

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet

The newest addition to our very popular refrigerator line the Dough Retarder fills an important place in FWE’s goal to help our customer’s craft the perfect pizza.  Made of the reliable construction FWE is known for, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder is both strong and easy to use. Electronic concealed controls located inside the cabinet prevent accidental tampering. The unit is equipped with a self-closing door that stays open at 90 degrees; the Refrigerated Dough Retarder ‘s door will never get in the way of trying to use it.

RD-10 Product PageRD-10 Spec Sheet (PDF Download)

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Smoking and BBQ Continue to Trend…

Be prepared to deliver that smoked flavor on your signature dishes. Hold your product better than ever before with FWE’s system of
Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions and accessories.image001

Best in Class 2015free shipping bannerDeliver the signature smoke flavor customers demand. Hold product with the stable, consistent heat of FWE’s Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions.

Holding smoked products in a Clymate IQ (with precision humidity control) will have customers enjoying that “fresh from the pit” savory flavor and texture. Perfect every time.

FWE also provides the perfect accessories for smoke, cook and hold applications with all the above models!

Also, check out these accessories.

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No Costly Hood Required!

There are now Vent-Free Oven Solutions available from FWE!

LCH-6-6-G2Food Warming Equipment (FWE) is pleased to announce that the new generation (G2) of low Temperature Cook & Hold Ovens, has passed a capture and emissions test, based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Test Method 202.  Conducted to ensure the emission of grease-laden effluent does not exceed an average of 5 mg/m3 during an eight-hour test cooking period.

Total grease emissions are far less than required and FWE far exceeds the Standard for Recirculating Systems for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.  With less than 0.29 mg/m3 the new generation of Cook and Hold Ovens passes this Smoke/Grease Vapor Test with flying colors!

LCH-6-6-G2 Cook and Hold Oven with 2 separate cooking compartments

FWE’s LCH-G2 ovens prevent grease-laden vapors and smoke from escaping without the use of costly exhaust hoods. You can cook almost anything anywhere and achieve high product yield, natural product browning and minimal product shrinkage. Maximize savings, labor and energy and eliminate costly and space-consuming exhaust hoods.

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The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Kitchen Solution

At Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE), we love to hear back from our customers to see how our equipment improves their day-to-day operations!

Food Bank Banner0

We are especially grateful to hear from our customers who work to make a positive impact in their community. That’s why, when we heard from our customers at The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (FBEM), we jumped at the opportunity to see how our equipment was helping to feed thousands of children each day!

Executive Chef,  Joe Gerlach

Behind the Scenes:

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan was founded in 1981 and has grown to partner with more than 400 hunger relief agencies that serve the more than 300,000 hungry people in Eastern Michigan. FBEM Director of Culinary Services, Craig Brown turned to FWE for reliable kitchen equipment when their organization partnered with the Michigan Head Start Program.

As part of this new program, FBEM will be cooking and sending close to 3,000 meals to students across Eastern Michigan every day. They were searching for holding cabinets to not only keep the food warm, but healthy and favorable too!

RH-6 Commercial Retherm Oven

Problem and Solution:

Cooking and storing over 3,000 meals a day can be tricky – that’s where FWE came in! The situation at the FBEM presented a unique opportunity for our team because they required large bulk food retherming equipment that was both versatile and affordable. It also had to fit into their existing infrastructure – meaning, it had to be ventless.

With that in mind, we worked with Craig and his team to fit their facilities with nine FWE Retherm Ovens (model, RH-6). The versatility behind these ovens allows the schools to prepare hot meals in advance without having to purchase a hood, which because of the price, would have halted the entire program. FWE’s ventless cooking alternatives are the perfect option for those hoping to upgrade their equipment without overhauling their entire kitchen.

Food Bank Banner2Above & Beyond:

We didn’t just set up our equipment and leave; we’re with our customer from start to finish! With assistance from Acosta’s Master Chef Kevin Gawronski and FBEM Chef Joe Gerlach, we helped develop a restructured menu that could be perfectly executed with the new FWE equipment. Since implementing our equipment and participating in the Michigan Head Start Program, Chef Joe has noticed their new FWE equipment was having other benefits outside of food quality alone:

“This food is not only feeding the children, they are using it as a learning tool for such things as manners and etiquette,” explained Chef Joe.

“Each student learns where and how to properly place their napkins, plates, forks, and spoons, before enjoying their family style lunch each day.”

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Held in the P-120 Heated Banquet Cabinet Chef Neil is confident in his service

From our door to your floor in 48 hours!

FWE’s Quick Ship Program has a long standing history of delivering the goods, just in time.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a very busy Banqueting Season.  With all the holiday affairs of company parties, family celebrations, Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, the ability to prepare and serve thousands in the next few weeks is stretched to the limit.

Whether it is a private event or a grand holiday brunch, everywhere country clubs, hotels, convention centers and banqueting facilities of all kinds will each prepare hundreds of turkeys, an untold amount of hams, prime ribs and sides of every type for each occasion.

Sometimes the most obvious equipment needing upkeep and replacement is hiding in plain sight and gets overlooked.

Inventory available now, through FWE’s Quick Ship Program, can allow chefs and foodservice management to save the day and their reputation, averting what could otherwise be a catastrophic night.

Unfortunately, many will find their existing equipment lacking and inoperable only days before the big event. Unable to deliver on the biggest night of the year, some facilities may find their service lacking, reputation damaged and future events at risk.

P-120 Heated Banquet Cabinet Holds up to 120 covered plates

Plug in

      Pre heat

               Roll out…

FWE takes the worry out of large services, delays and last minute arrivals with the “Humi-Temp” Heated Humidity System that eliminates hot and cold zones by gently circulating hot, moist air throughout the interior of the cabinet.  Fully insulated, preheat-to-transport will keep plated meals, hot as first plated, for up to an hour.  Or extend the hold time with canned fuel for well over an hour with stable, consistent even heating throughout.  Designed to preserve the moisture content of the food, the P-120 model of heated holding cabinets can transport up to 120 meals at once.  Or for larger services the E-1500 model of can accommodate up to 180 11″ plated meals.

Conveniently hold hot bulk items, well before plating, with the most popular UHS-12 Universal Heated Holding Cabinet.  An all round prefect solution for holding bulk food on sheet trays, sheet pans and steam table pans for buffets and banquets.  Select from a variety of FWE foodservice solutions for banqueting, catering and restaurant services.All available within 48 hours from the factory.

In everything we do, it’s all about you.

FWE Quick Ship is here and can provide immediately delivery on top quality banquet cabinets and heated holding equipment to get you through this season and years beyond assuring efficient service, quality product and perfect presentation.


FWE is more than just Food Warming Equipment; FWE provides full service solutions for many applications of cooking, holding, transport and serving.

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Legendary Solutions for One World Observatory

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has begun shipping our latest Heated Holding Carts and Cabinets to the new World Trade Center in New York City.

Scheduled to open in early 2015, the beautiful 120,000 square foot One World Observatory will soon become the premier destination to host special events and banquets in New York City.


Last year the internationally renowned Legends Hospitality was challenged to create, and endorsed by Governors Cuomo and Christie, to maintain and operate the three story observation deck atop the new World Trade Center.  This project would bring a world-class observation deck to what will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere when it reaches its final height of 1776 feet.

Legends is among the most recognized and established companies in entertainment and sport.  Renowned for delivering a multitude of services to world recognized venues which include; Yankee Stadium, Cowboys Stadium and the most recent Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49’rs.  All venues that bring the experience of sport to a new level of accommodation and style and all venues where FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. solutions can be found.

Beginning at Level 100, the 3 Story observation deck will feature dining options, special events spaces for banquets and catering.  The facility promises to deliver an experience that will educate and entertain with the latest in digital technology and breathtakingly amazing views that will look out over the Hudson River, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and eternal views of the skyline of New York.

Soon, the One World Observatory will feature contemporary and sophisticated dining options on Level 101 with  breathtaking views of the skyline.  Internationally inspired cuisine will be featured on a menu of gourmet offerings as well as casual meals.  The space will provide for great flexibility, allowing multiple events, simultaneously, while  guests enjoying the observation deck continue sightseeing undisturbed.

From Heated Holding Carts and Banquet Cabinets to Air Screen Refrigeration and Custom Mobile Bars, FWE provides the kind of solutions that help organizations like Legends meet the challenges of delivering on a grand experience that take sport and entertainment to a new level of expectation and dependability.  FWE delivers it’s own successful experience in manufacturing to the kind solutions needed for the most sophisticated VIP Skybox to servicing tens of thousands of fans simultaneously.

FWE has been providing equipment and solutions for stadiums, convention centers, expos and theme parks for decades and is proud to be a part in Legends‘ latest success of the One World Trade Center Observation Deck project and looks forward to many more like it.

One World Observatory




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FWE is the right choice for Correctional Foodservice

FWE has everything prison foodservice operations need to run more efficiently and effectively.

Join FWE at booth #213 this week, at the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA) International Conference on August 10 – 14 in St. Louis at the DoubleTree Union Station.  

Feeding inmates 3 square meals a day is just one of the many concerns a correctional foodservice director has.  Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has been doing “hard time” under tough conditions providing solutions to correctional foodservice directors for decades.  FWE has an established record and reputation for meeting the needs of very special requirements in the most secure and demanding environments worldwide.

With Correctional and Prison foodservice solutions custom designed or ready to order, FWE partners with the best experts and nationally recognized dealers like Federal Supply and Cooks Correctional (among many others), to address exactly what you require and allow you to operate under unique conditions.  Our consultants and partners have extensive experience working in the correctional environment.

Inmates are often entrusted with the operation of equipment in the kitchen so durability, safety and security are significant determining factors in selecting equipment. Tamper-proof correctional packages are needed to meet the safety requirements of this unique environment.

Level 3 HDM Security Package
Call us today to get  an HDM security package, specially modified for your facility

The Heavy Duty Modified (HDM) Prison Security Package* is a custom feature that is not just the same old hot box with a few new components added to a standard catalog item.

HDM Security Packages represent  a complete retrofit from top down, including heavier gauge stainless steel used throughout the body, a retooling of all exposed hardware, and components specific to holding of product for transport.

With Several levels of HDM security packages available FWE has many customizations for your specific correctional foodservice challenges and requirements.  With ultra heavy-duty construction and tamper resistant features throughout, they are designed and built for the harshest conditions.

For well over a half century FWE has been providing “correctional quality” equipment for prisons, penitentiaries, penal institutions, and jails of all sizes and security levels.  FWE mobile food transport and heated holding cabinets can exceed all your requirements for reliability, usability and safety. FWE heated holding and transport solutions are serving tens of thousands of inmates worldwide.  From local county jails to rehabilitation centers in Hong Kong FWE delivers the right solution for in every type of environment imaginable.

Everyone knows that FWE has the toughest, most durable, maintenance-free foodservice transport solutions for the correctional market.  FWE is known as an industry leader in providing solutions to the correctional market.  FWE works directly with known, reputable consultants and dealers with decades of experience and a solid reputation within the correctional market.

Click here and contact our foodservice professionals today and let us provide the next solution for you.  Or call us at (800) 222-4393

At FWE It’s all about you.

*Level 3 Package Includes:
a) Thermostat Capillary Guard
b) “Plexi-Guard” Thermometer Cover
c) Thermostat Retention Strap
d) Paddle Latch
e) Tamper-Proof Screws (Inside & Outside)
f) Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Hinges
g) Top Mounted “Maxi-Guard” Or h) Door Mounted “Maxi-Slide”
i) Tubular Stainless Steel Handles
j) Exterior: 18 Ga. Interior: 20 Ga.
k) Rack Hold Down Device
l) One Piece Rack Assembly
m) Custom Spacing for trays (must specify dimensions)

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Ribfest Champion Pitmaster, Mark Link, Picks PHTT

Recently we sat with Founder, Owner and FWE customer Mark Link of Uncle Bub’s after his big win at Ribfest Chicago where he took home 1st place in the competition.

Uncle Bub's Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Uncle Bub’s Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Smoked BBQ Ribs and Brisket Meal
Smoked BBQ Ribs and Brisket Meal


With over 20 years experience serving up authentic Pit-Smoked Barbeque, in Westmont Illinois, Mark has built up his brand and a solid reputation in as a fierce competitor among competition BBQ pitmasters.  Uncle Bub’s restaurant and catering continues to expand on this labor of love with plans to open more locations and secure a warehouse to insure quality and consistency in their select cuts of premium beef, pork, ribs, chicken and more.

This weekend Uncle Bub’s will compete, once again, in the 4th of July Naperville Ribfest (one of the largest in North America).  Uncle Bub’s looks forward to beating the volume of previous years with around 150,000 to 200,000 people in attendance, and take home another first place trophy in a streak that began this year with a big win in Sioux Falls SD, earlier this year.

Lunch at Uncle Bub's
Lunch at Uncle Bub’s

The volume of product served at some festivals is staggering.  At the last award winning competition, Uncle Bub’s went through 151 cases of ribs (aprox 2100 slabs), 800 pounds of pulled pork and 900 pounds of brisket.  But even for Uncle Bub’s, this year’s Naperville Ribfest may prove to be one of the biggest ever, pushing Mark and his crew to the limits.

Uncle Bub’s delivers on bringing that award winning flavor and taste to every dish served at the restaurant with dependable equipment such as; the Southern Pride Smokers, FWE’s Clymate IQ cabinets with precision humidity temperature technology (PHTT), and FWE’s P-120 heated holding banquet cabinets.  Fundamental equipment that is necessary to maintaining his success.

Mark started with another brand and switched to an FWE solution several years ago.  When asked what the determining factor was in making this important switch he stated, “We’re pretty rough on our equipment here and we’re in and out all the time….  When I saw the unit, how it was built and designed, I thought, you know what?  This thing can handle it.”

Mark Link with the ClymateIQ (PHTT)
Mark Link with the ClymateIQ (PHTT)

The moisture and control has been very good for us, and the controls are simple and easy to operate.”  Mark continues on stating, “It maintains temp.  Recovery time was much quicker and it was very consistent.  I like the fact that is shows you exactly how much humidity you have in your box.   And that’s very important to keep your product fresh.   That really sold me.



Uncle Bub’s process includes premium cuts of meat that arrives trimmed, then tumbled, and finally slow smoked until morning.  After which it is pulled out and kept in a  pre-heated holding cabinet (PHTT-12) at 30-35% humidity until it is ready for serving during the rush times at lunch and dinner, hours later.

Mark Link with a pair of PHTT heated holding cabinets
Mark Link with a pair of PHTT heated holding cabinets

Consistency of temperature and humidity throughout the ClymateIQ insures that the quality of taste and tenderness, expected of a champion level dish, is maintained for several hours after the oven.   “I’m very concerned for safety and sanitation, especially since we do so much volume here.”  Regarding the tenderness and keeping moisture locked in the meat, Mark goes on to say the PHTT “… it keeps the moisture in the brisket, big time.

We invite you to stop by and visit Uncle Bub’s at the Naperville Ribfest this weekend and see what award winning BBQ is really all about.  Don’t like crowds?  Well then swing on by the restaurant at 132 S Cass Ave, Westmont, IL and tell them FWE sent you.

Uncle Bub's Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Uncle Bub’s Restaurant in Westmont, IL

Uncle Bub's Pick Up
Uncle Bub’s Pick Up

Order Desk and Trophy Wall
Order Counter and Trophy Wall

Uncle Bub's Caravan of Vehicles
Uncle Bub’s Caravan of Vehicles

Ready to Deliver
Ready to Deliver


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FWE is the choice of Professionals and Kings!

After a long hard winter for many, the long awaited warmth of summer creeps up on the Northern US and Canada, delivering the smell of flowers, cut grass and outdoor grilling.
The beginning of summer also ushers in a frenzied time of activity for many Food Warming Equipment (FWE) customers that rely on food trucks, festivals and Champion BBQ events across the Nation.
0 BBQ King with MTU-12

Among these Pit Master Champions, are the folks at The BBQ King Smokehouse, who we met with yesterday, to help get his mobile operation in high gear as he meets the demand for an extraordinarily busy season.

5 BBQ King Jason Szmurlo with Chef Nate
BBQ King, Jason Szmurlo and Chef Nate

With only one day left to go, Jason Szmurlo, owner of The BBQ King Smokehouse, leads his battalion of employees and vehicles to serve up Ribs, Pulled Pork and other favorites for the hard core smoke lov’n attendees at the 16th Ribfest Chicago .  Averaging 50,000 pounds of pork and anticipating over 60,000+ attendees, who look forward to kicking off summer at this grand three-day event on June 6th, 7th, and 8th at the Ribfest Chicago, known for hosting the titans of the BBQ pit.  Located in the heart of Chicago, on Lincoln/Damen/Irving Park, everyone will see what makes the BBQ King the monarch above all other BBQ

6 BBQ King Food Truck
Inside Operation (Pending MTU-12 install on right)

Szmurlo is a long time, road hardened veteran of the festival and BBQ champion circuit.  With a string of successes, measured in an impressive series of trophies and awards, he finally opened up his first brick and mortar restaurant and settled down in Woodstock, IL.  Jason’s operation now provides some of the best BBQ year round to demanding BBQ aficionados and this booming business couldn’t be better.  The BBQ King Smokehouse plans to expand into new avenues of merchandising, including sauces and rubs.



With a few of FWE’s highly mobile Moisture Temp Heated Holding Cabinets pulling duty in both the kitchen restaurant and deployed in his mobile operation, FWE will be there to help Jason deliver on the quality that makes The BBQ King true champions.

7 BBQ King Panoramic with MTU-12


8 MTU-12 Service
Servicing the MTU-12

Putting in some final touches and maintenance on a couple MTU-12 (Moisture-Temp  Heated Holding Cabinet) units before it goes into the Mobile Kitchen and hits the road.

The MTU-12 and all other FWE mobile equipment is built from a solid frame up. FWE cabinets are built tough using stainless steel throughout.  Welded construction and our exclusive tubular stainless steel base frame ensure that our cabinets will withstand rigorous, demanding use and transport.  This includes the exposure to the stress and tension of constantly being on the road.

9 MTU-12 LockDown
Optional undercarriage Lock-Down keeps mobile equipment solidly in place

Just one of many solutions FWE offers offer in sizes, capacities and features to fit any operation. Contact us through our website, or call our team today at 800-222-4393 for assistance.  Allow FWE help you provide a special solution for your application. Make your choice FWE. . .   At FWE it’s all about you.

BBQ King's Ford Chariot
The BBQ King’s Ford Chariot
Where the Action Happens
Where the Action Happens
Applications and Niche Markets Customer Highlight

FWE’s Foodservice Professionals Maximize Available Space at Disney

The serious businesses of foodservice demands are no fantasy here. Specifically, the challenges of Disney’s Storyteller Café at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA.

Storyteller Cafe

The specifications of a new remodel at The Storyteller Café called for new equipment and custom solutions for heated holding equipment that would take advantage of every square inch of this facility’s kitchen.  And like so many restaurants, chain operations, and high traffic facilities, this is a familiar tale of space and time.  The Storyteller Cafe’s kitchen needed to make the most use of every square inch possible, quickly.

FWE’s food warming / foodservice professionals reviewed the needs of the kitchen staff and layout and discovered that the café had a small space available under the counters in the kitchen that was not being utilized.  To maximize efficiency in a large volume kitchen such as this, FWE was able to offer the support and know-how to get the perfect heated food holding equipment into the tightest of spots. FWE knows how to adapt and improvise an all-inclusive food handling solution. FWE’s professional team of heated holding and foodservice technicians, with over 60 years in the industry, provide the problem solving ability needed to understand and deliver on the complete scope of a customer’s needs.

Lightweight, highly mobile and versatile.

Under the counter heated holding cabinets of the Handy Line Server Carts (HLC) were adapted and manufactured specifically for the Storyteller’s Café specific needs. These custom HLC carts can fit in some of the tightest spaces and perform with energy saving excellence.

Further modifications were made to alter the carts to incorporate recessed handles. With the handles now flush and nothing to catch on the workers clothing during service, this simple modification contributes to the safety of the staff. With the Heated Holding Cabinets at knee level, the cooks can quickly and efficiently grab hot food and plate it without having to move around the cramped kitchen.

Storyteller Cafe 3

FWE’s holistic and utilitarian approach makes it possible to hold food hot consistently from this once wasted space. Holding products fresher and longer allows for the efficient and safest servicing of thousands upon thousands of customers that pass through its doors. Staff members, such as the Operations Asset Manager, attested to the precision engineering of FWE equipment, “Thanks for the perfectly fitting warming boxes. FWE comes through for the customer one more time! Please pass along our thanks to everyone on your team for a great product.