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‘Essential’ & ‘Pizza Solutions’ Promotion for Q2

As we move into Q2, we’ve launched two new promotions. Our Essentials promotion covers items to support the current trend within the foodservice industry as a result of COVID-19. Our Pizza Solutions promotion covers items perfect for pizza operators to assist in increase volumes at this take-out / drive-up time of need. Both promotions offer Free Shipping* and Special Pricing for the models associated.

We’ve updated our Special Offer landing page on to include our Q2 Pormotional flyers. From this page you can access the FWE branded PDF files, models covered, and offer details.

FWE's Essentials Promotion - Q2
FWE's Pizza Solutions Special Offer - Q2

Essentials PDF Link:
Pizza Solutions PDF Link:

Rep groups were sent their specific branded materials as requested, by Erin B., our Customer Service Manager. If you need additional printed materials or would like the download link provided again please email Erin.

When submitting orders please utilize the promotional codes of Q220ESS and Q220PZZ to receive offer.

*FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous US only. Special Pricing & Free Shipping on the above models only. Free freight is for the base charges only. Any extra services that are needed, lift gate delivery, limited access delivery, etc. are not included.

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FWE Celebrates Earth Day 2019

Earth. What more is there to say about it that hasn’t already been said? She has been the only home we have ever known, in the wide unknown of the universe. It is a single blue light in adrift in an endless sea of stars.

We are the caretakers of this world and its sustainability falls on each of us. Food Warming Equipment Company understands the challenges facing our home and takes part in several initiatives to do our part in protecting this planet.


One of the lesser known benefits is our reduction in IT Server space. We took several physical servers and consolidated them onto a Virtual Machine. This allowed us to reduce our server space by 3 times! Even better, our employees can access the server remotely by using a virtual desktop, reducing the amount of waste at the end of a piece of hardware’s life cycle.


FWE uses recyclable corrugated board. We also work with Vendors to reduce the amount of packaging required to get products delivered safely. Over the years, FWE has experimented with the reduction of our packing materials to safeguard the environment while assuring product to market requirements. In addition to corrugated board, FWE cycles containers, boxes, paper goods, wood, shipping skids, and metal.


    FWE has given or planted over 350 trees through its effort of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has reduced the company’s overall impact on the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outside the four walls of the factory.


As most manufacturing facilities know, paperwork is an essential requirement to keep production organized and timely. Leading edge factory techniques have given birth to an in-house hyper “E-manufacturing environment” at FWE we have reduced paperwork and drawings in the factory by 99%. While no organization is completely paperless, FWE has taken considerable effort in reducing its paper needs to only a fraction of what would have otherwise been used in a traditional manufacturing facility.

Visit our Community and Sustainability page, here, to learn more about how FWE gives back the planet that has given us so much.

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FWE Cools Off Summer With Its Refrigeration line!

Keeping your food cool in the summer can be an arduous task, especially if you are busier than ever. You need a product that is versatile like you. That’s where Food Warming Equipment comes in. Don’t let the name fool you. We build some of the world’s best refrigeration equipment. And our wide array of products can suit nearly any need.

Let’s start simple with the Universal Refrigerator Series or the URS and the Universal Freezer Series or UFS. Like most of our refrigeration units, the URS and UFS are made for transport applications and constructed of high-quality stainless steel. They both feature a unique tray slide design that holds the various trays and pans from the bottom for extra support.

What if you don’t have room for both in your kitchen? We have you covered with the Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer Series or URFS for short. Have the ultimate foodservice flexibility, as your needs for food storage change from cooling to freezing simply adjust the settings as needed on the URFS cabinet.

Need something that can both heat and cold? We got that too. This is the Dual Temp; it is a Universal Heated/Refrigeration Series or UHRS. We promise that’s the last acronym. This series can heat or cool your food. With the UHRS, you have the stainless steel body, a bottom mounted compressor that allows for beverage dispensers and top guard rails that can be added.

Next up is the Refrigerated Satellite Cabinet; this unit is specifically designed and fabricated for transport applications like hotels, convention centers, hospitals, and more.

Let’s get to the most innovative design series from FWE’s refrigeration line, the Air Screen. We are going to paint a picture here. You are working at an amusement park in July. It is the biggest weekend of the year and it just so happens to be the hottest day yet. You have a line of customers that wraps around the concession stand wanting something cold. With most commercial refrigerators the longer you leave the door open to get the product the less cool the unit can keep your drinks.

With the Air Screen that is the purpose of the unit. Models like the Air Supremacy can keep the door open through the lunch rush even if that rush lasts three hours.  The Air Screen technology is a game changer in terms of commercial refrigeration.

Finally, the last product in this line is the newest addition to the family, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder. This unit fills an important place in FWE’s goal to help our customer’s craft the perfect pizza.  Made of the reliable construction FWE is known for, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder is both strong and easy to use.

Company Promotion Employee Appreciation

Congratulations Megan Davis!

This is Megan Davis, she has been with Food Warming Equipment for over 5 years. When FWE made the move from Crystal Lake, IL to Portland, TN it was not long before Megan joined our team. Working in the customer service department she quickly grew and adapted to the fast-paced operations at FWE!

We want to congratulate Megan on becoming our brand new Customer Service Lead! In her new role, she will work more closely with the Customer Service Manager and will ensure that any customer orders go through without a hiccup.

Megan Davis was recently promoted to our customer service lead.

Megan is a wonderful employee, co-worker, mother, and friend to recognize this we spoke with Megan about her time with FWE in Portland and what this promotion means for her. Click HERE to watch our first ever Employee Spotlight on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe for more spotlights to come!

Thank you for all your hard work, Megan and congratulations!


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Free Shipping Now on School Foodservice Equipment

FREE SHIPPING* Available on Six Popular School Foodservice Models!
Must use Promo-code. Click here for details.

It is essential to support students with quality food. Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) can look at a district’s menu and help fit the right piece of equipment to meet the district’s needs. FWE has the right staff to ensure you’re going to get a quality product.


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Passive Humidity Maintains Moisture for a Varitiety of Products
• All Welded Tube Frame & Perimeter Bumper Standard for Years of Use!



• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Passive Humidity Maintains Moisture for a Variety of Products
• All Welded Tube Frame & Perimeter Bumper Standard for Years of Use!


FWE has the expertise in K-12 School Foodservice, Colleges, and Universities to support your School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP).


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Flexibility to Use for Bread Proofing or Bulk Veggie Holding!
• Un-Matched Ease of Cleaning – Removable Standard 12×20 Hotel Pan Water Reservoir



• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Exact Temperature & Humidity Control for Sensitive Products like Lean Proteins
• Extra Fast Recovery of Both 


Select FWE models (above) have earned the ENERGY STAR and may qualify you for government or private industry rebates,  savings and more to optimize your purchase.


• Holds 12″x 20″ pans, 18″x 26″ sheet trays, or GN containers
• Exact Temperature & Humidity Control for Sensitive Products like Lean Proteins
• Extra Fast Recovery of Both



• Cut Cross Traffic by Having Back-Up Right Under Serving Wells!
• Individually Controlled Wells & Heated Compartments for Versatility!
• Available with Tray Slide Shelves, Sneeze Guards & End Mounted Shelf Optional Accessories to Fit Your Service Layout


Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
Or Email             (800)222-4393  

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Big Banquets are Big Business for the end of year Holiday Celebrations

With all the hustle and bustle the holiday season can bring, some venues feel more pressure and stress than any other time of year.

Banquet halls and staff are often pushed to the limit for a diverse assortment of special events. Hired to host company parties, end-of-year award ceremonies, holiday fund-raisers, New Year’s Eve and increasingly the Christmas Eve and Christmas day banquets themselves. Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has the perfect offer for this time of year.

Your holiday events can range from serving small groups of fifteen, or a grand hall of five hundred banquet guests over the next few weeks. Each requiring the special, personal touch in an effort to deliver a perfect meal service. More than any other time of year, banquet halls and venues require reliable holding cabinets to service everyone. The more you can service, the greater your opportunities and return.

Our FWE model P-120 Banquet Cabinet for pre-plated meals 
holds up to 120 meals for up to 11 inch plates.
heated holding cabinet for banquets and food transport

The Quick Ship program is available to many of our FWE Banquet Serving solutions and Mobile Bars, for efficient beverage service anywhere the party is located. You can have reliable equipment within two business days of receiving your order.

Act now. Save now. For years to come, FWE can assure you have best stainless foodservice equipment with our standard warranty of 2-years on parts and 1-year labor. FWE’s guarantee that you will have a solid, dependable equipment to accommodate the largest gatherings.

FWE model CB-6 Portable Bar is used for conventional beverage service using cans & bottles.  Choose from several laminate color selections.Portable Bars for beverage services anywhere inside outside

Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
Or Email             (800)222-4393  

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2017 School Foodservice Essentials – Special Offer

FREE Accessory Upgrades are now available

The School Nutrition Association ANC 2017 is here and your solutions for essential foodservice equipment have just arrived.  This is your opportunity to custom configure, from available accessories, to suit  your specific needs at no extra cost to you.   CLICK HERE to view more.

If you are attending the 2017 SNA Annual National Conference (ANC) in Atlanta, Georgia this week, please visit us at BOOTH # 1642 and check out our models, on hand, for Essential for School Foodservice.

FREE Accessory Upgrades are now available, for a limited time, on Universal Heated Holding Cabinets and Humidified Holding Cabinets. Take advantage of our Special Offer before it expires on September 30th, 2017. CLICK HERE to view for more details or contact  FOOD WARMING EQUIPMENT CO. (FWE) directly to speak with a School Foodservice specialist to see what works best for you.

Holds 12″ x 20″ pans and
18″ x 26″ sheet trays
Click here for Specs

Holds 12″ x 20″ pans and
18″ x 26″ sheet trays
Click here for Specs             (800)222-4393  
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New Heated Shelving Solutions for Fast Casual and Take-Out

Food Warming Equipment (FWE) offers a brand new line of heated holding solutions by developing radiant heat shelving.


NEW FEATURE allows each independent control of each shelf.  


Many food retailers have recently begun to generate additional sales through mobile apps.  Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and fast-food chains of all variety have only recently begun to exploit this new trend.

Mostly because their product is fast by nature and requires a drive through or walk in visit, so there hadn’t been an advantage to engage in mobile or online ordering.

However, now new apps allow loyal customers to order ahead and pick up without waiting in line expediting service faster. Chains have had a noticeable, early success boosting total sales and revenues and many chains and QSR have begun to follow and explore this trend.

The HHS series of heated shelving was designed as a perfect solution for such a Grab-and-Go, pick-up process.

Though many foodservice chains and QSR have adopted the new process they often have no dedicated place to locate finished orders for customers to access. Wait too long and hot sandwiches become cold on the counter. Wait too long and product can become dry, stale and dehydrated under heat lamps. The HHS has 5 heated shelves that deliver warm radiant air from the base up. This is the best way to keep hot foods such as; panini sandwiches, flatbreads, pitas or Italian beef  (bottom bagged) warm.  Since heat radiates from below, it allows colder (top bagged items) product such as pickles and salads to stay cooler.

This is an excellent way to keep Mexican tortilla chips, in bag or basket, hot to go. But unlike existing heat lamps that radiate heat down, the HHS will, in the case of Nacho’s, keep chips warm and crisp while the toppings of sour cream and guacamole don’t continue cook through.

The HHS allows for expedient carry-out and delivers hotter quality meals for longer with proven higher customer satisfaction.

Call FWE Sales at (800) 222-4393 and speak with our Foodservice Solution Professionals and CFSP trained staff today to see what solutions we can offer you tomorrow.             (800)222-4393  
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Holiday deadlines are fast approaching.

FWE Banquet solutions, now when you need them most. Solutions for your Holiday Season and FREE SHIPPING!

The holiday season is the busiest banqueting time of year, pushing your business and equipment to the limit, often leaving you in a bind when you need them the most.  FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. is your “Just In Time” source for big banqueting and holiday buffets this season!
B(1)CLICK HERE to see how you can receive FREE SHIPPING!
Select Banqueting Essentials ready for your holiday banquets, parties, and catered events. Receive select items FAST!
* Free Shipping within the contiguous US only             (800)222-4393            www.FWE.comban
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FWE has Special Offers that you can’t afford to ignore

Select an upgrade from a list of features and options for each model when ordering to receive that upgrade for FREE!1 Special Offer Content image

Save hundreds of dollars in custom features and options. Contact FWE today to obtain pricing and availability on Hot Boxes, Banquet Cabinets, Transport Carts, Humidified Holding Cabinets and Ovens.

We have selected several of our most popular models to choose from, specific for Banqueting, Hospitality and Catering.

Beautiful, Bountiful Banquets!

Whether you’re feeding 40 or 4,000, FWE’s Hot Box and Banquet Carts are at the heart of every banquet operation.

FWE offers the greatest number of stock selections, custom features and options.

With over 600 hot box solutions on hand, FWE has a cabinet for your application.  Just call us today and we will work with you to determine what you really need.

Hold and Transport Anything

Keep bulk foods flavorful and savory for hours and keep product as hot and crispy (or moist) as desired.  Our custom selection of caster wheels allow for transport over almost any terrain.

FWE’s Universal Humi-Temp Servers (UHS) are among the most versatile solutions and best performing heated bulk food cabinets on the market today.

UHS cabinets fit a wide variety of sizes in trays, pans and racks. Stocked with a unique set of adjustable tray slides and uprights, you can hold almost any combination of trays and pans.  Making this a truly universal solution for banquets and buffets. 800-222-4393