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Mobile Hand Washing Station Media Kit

We’ve put together a downloadable .ZIP media kit for the FWE Mobile Hand Washing Station, Model HS-24, product. This media kit includes content needed to make website updates, PDF documents, social media posts, or email marketing campaigns.

This media kit download contents include:

YouTube Videos:

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To-Go Operation & Mobile Sanitizing Solutions

Due to recent events, many restaurants throughout the country are closing their dining rooms.  We wanted to take a little time to highlight some FWE products that we anticipate a growing need for in the coming weeks.

FWE Heated Holding Shelves

Model # HHS-313-2039 Shown

This revolutionary product adapts the traditional foodservice setting into the modern Grab ‘n’ Go market.  Our shelves are easy to operate and allow for frictionless loading/unloading.  They also heat up faster than heated cabinets, reaching 175 degrees in less than 15 minutes.  Perfect for “to go” and take out programs. 

Visit the FWE website for more information and reference the HHS tri-fold here.

Model # HS-24 Shown

Mobile hand washing stations

The HS-24 portable hand sink is self-contained to allow hand washing and sanitizing in remote service locations.  Designed for both hot and cold water applications, it has a stainless steel cabinet body and locking door that houses a 5 gallon fresh water tank for consistent drawing and a 7 gallon soiled water tank to hold runoff and drainage. 

Visit the FWE website for more information and click the link below for a new video on the HS-24.

Other Solutions:

FWE still has our “Quick Ship” program in place offering shipment in 48 hours on several models.  When you need it fast, FWE has a selection of our best sellers ready to ship!     

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CLYMATE IQ – Get More Precision Out of Your Cooking

SNA ANC is less than a week away! This Product Highlight is one of FWE’s most popular series. CLYMATE IQ!

One of many great achievements FWE has designed over the years, the CLYMATE IQ series gives you complete control over heat and humidity. How do we do this?

With intelligent heat and moisture sensors throughout the unit. CLYMATE IQ can tell if the ambient moisture or heat has risen or fallen and adjusts to hold the user-defined settings.

FWE knows that consistency is key. Air is circulated throughout the unit, meaning no hot or cold spots making your food stay kitchen fresh.

Warm up times as quick as 30 minutes and recovery times as fast as 3 minutes; it is no wonder the CLYMATE IQ series has become a customer favorite!

If you are at the SNA ANC show stop by booth 1490, to see what you have been missing. We will have the PHTT-12 model with Dutch Glass Doors on display, one of the many optional accessories available for CLYMATE IQ!

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Serve Your Customers in the Easiest Way Possible!

Today we have a cabinet series built for transport. Our Dry Serving Wells are perfect for school applications!

On the top of the model are wells to serve heated fresh food, while inside are heated holding compartments to allow for quick refills to keep those hungry students or fans happy. The heated dry well comes standard with an easy to use magnetic workflow handle giving it a sleek look while still being functional.

One of the great features of nearly any FWE model is the ability to mix and match a nearly limitless list of optional accessories to make your unit completely unique, take for example the sneeze guard that protects your food from contamination and the tray slide shelf that allows a place to rest trays as it moves through your operation.

Here is our favorite feature: the well and the cabinet temperatures are totally independent of each other. Each cavity has its own control dial allowing for precise temperatures for your food.

These dry wells can accommodate 12”x20” pans, 18”x13” trays or even GN 1/1s! Talk about versatility!

At the upcoming SNA ANC from July 14th – 16th we will have one of our Well units on display come on down to booth 1490 and take a look and see for yourself why FWE is the best in foodservice equipment design.

Product Highlight Schools Shows and Expos Trade Shows and Expos

Combine Two FWE Heat Systems In One Awesome Cabinet

We are in July! That means the School Nutrition Association’s Annual Nation Conference is just around the corner. Today we thought we would talk about a favorite new product of ours.

This piece of equipment takes not one but two of our heat systems and combines them to enhance your food quality. This is, of course, the Moisture-Temp Retherm Oven.

What makes this product so special? Well, not only can you reconstitute food that had been previously refrigerated or slacked. You can also use the moisture and temperature controls to not only reheat but to cook your product!

Made with the same high-quality stainless steel FWE is known for, the RH-18-MT even sports removable tray slides and can support pans full of heavy food items.

This model has an easy to use touch screen control that allows you to pre-set a number of settings from time, temperature, even humidity level eliminating that need for someone to keep an eye on it.

Are you afraid of your product getting too moist? We thought ahead on that one and installed an automatic venting system that releases excess moisture without you having to do anything.


Same goes for the Water Pan as the RH-18-MT auto fill system takes the worry and the work off your shoulders.

The Moisture-Temp Retherm will be at the show, be sure to stop by Booth #1490 and ask about the 3 Phase Electrical Optional Accessory!

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Come See Us at SNA’s #ANC18

This year we are excited to return to SNA’s ANC! Food Warming Equipment will be in Las Vegas, NV, from July 9th through the 12th. Find us at Booth #1060 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Click here to see a layout!

Read below about all the equipment we will be bringing and we hope to see you there!

What is SNA’s ANC?

The full name of the event is the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference. Their mission is:

The School Nutrition Association is a national, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 58,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country.

As for the conference itself now running for 71 years, hosts nearly 7,000 people for four days to share the latest innovations, ideas, and practices for the K12 food service industry.

FWE is proud to have a presence here, this year we are showcasing lots of different solutions and here are just a few:

Serving Wells:

The heated serving well keeps hot food warm and refills close at hand.

  • With a soft, radiant, uniform heat that gently surrounds food to provide a better appearance, taste, and longer holding time.
  • Each well and the heated compartment is controlled separately for added versatility.
  • Equipped with a magnetic workflow door handle – operations eliminate the need for latch hardware and provide a cleaner look. Save time and money on replacement parts and maintenance fees; with no moving parts to bind or wear out.

Humi-Temp Series:

FWE food warmers are used to keep your hot food hot and ready until serving time.

  • Several models from this series will be present like the UHS, PS, and TS units.
  • FWE’s patented Humi-Temp heat and humidity system eliminate hot and cold spots by gently circulating hot, moist air throughout the interior of the cabinet.
  • Models like UHS-12 are energy star approved to help you save money while protecting the environment.

Clymate IQ:

Clymate IQ® cabinet shows off FWE’s intuitive climate control.

  • Consistency throughout – All Clymate IQ®cabinets features a unique push/pull air distribution system to provide uniform temperature and humidity on every level, throughout the unit.
  • Fast Recovery – Clymate IQ® gets back to temperature fast – you don’t have to worry about losing heat and humidity if you open and close the door repeatedly during peak service times.
  • Heats up fast – the Clymate IQ® cabinets’ intuitive climate control technology reaches the set humidity faster than the competition.

To see new items and features not at the show, join us on our What’s New page over at!

In addition to that, your model might be in need of some casters. Our new Caster Page will get you rolling.

We will see you at #ANC18!

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FWE Cools Off Summer With Its Refrigeration line!

Keeping your food cool in the summer can be an arduous task, especially if you are busier than ever. You need a product that is versatile like you. That’s where Food Warming Equipment comes in. Don’t let the name fool you. We build some of the world’s best refrigeration equipment. And our wide array of products can suit nearly any need.

Let’s start simple with the Universal Refrigerator Series or the URS and the Universal Freezer Series or UFS. Like most of our refrigeration units, the URS and UFS are made for transport applications and constructed of high-quality stainless steel. They both feature a unique tray slide design that holds the various trays and pans from the bottom for extra support.

What if you don’t have room for both in your kitchen? We have you covered with the Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer Series or URFS for short. Have the ultimate foodservice flexibility, as your needs for food storage change from cooling to freezing simply adjust the settings as needed on the URFS cabinet.

Need something that can both heat and cold? We got that too. This is the Dual Temp; it is a Universal Heated/Refrigeration Series or UHRS. We promise that’s the last acronym. This series can heat or cool your food. With the UHRS, you have the stainless steel body, a bottom mounted compressor that allows for beverage dispensers and top guard rails that can be added.

Next up is the Refrigerated Satellite Cabinet; this unit is specifically designed and fabricated for transport applications like hotels, convention centers, hospitals, and more.

Let’s get to the most innovative design series from FWE’s refrigeration line, the Air Screen. We are going to paint a picture here. You are working at an amusement park in July. It is the biggest weekend of the year and it just so happens to be the hottest day yet. You have a line of customers that wraps around the concession stand wanting something cold. With most commercial refrigerators the longer you leave the door open to get the product the less cool the unit can keep your drinks.

With the Air Screen that is the purpose of the unit. Models like the Air Supremacy can keep the door open through the lunch rush even if that rush lasts three hours.  The Air Screen technology is a game changer in terms of commercial refrigeration.

Finally, the last product in this line is the newest addition to the family, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder. This unit fills an important place in FWE’s goal to help our customer’s craft the perfect pizza.  Made of the reliable construction FWE is known for, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder is both strong and easy to use.

Applications and Niche Markets Press Release Product Highlight

Meet Our All New RD-10 Series Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet!

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet
FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet

Today Food Warming Equipment proudly presents the Refrigerated Dough Retarder! This new product is fresh off the FWE assembly line and is ready to serve you and your customers. Manufactured to ensure consistency in your dough rise as well as promote complex flavor development that excellent airy structure in pizza crust.

  • Available now!
  • Ideal for use with dough press
  • Fast cool down time reaches 55°F retarding temperature (13°C) in less than 10 minutes
  • Electronic, easy-to-use, lockable controls concealed inside cavity
  • LED bulb in top of unit illuminates interior cabinet when door is open
  • Self-closing door stays open at 90 degrees or more for easy loading and unloading
  • Features a 1/4 HP compressor and dynamic condenser which enhances cooling in warm environments

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • All New Series, RD-10 Refrigerated Dough Retarder Cabinet

The newest addition to our very popular refrigerator line the Dough Retarder fills an important place in FWE’s goal to help our customer’s craft the perfect pizza.  Made of the reliable construction FWE is known for, the Refrigerated Dough Retarder is both strong and easy to use. Electronic concealed controls located inside the cabinet prevent accidental tampering. The unit is equipped with a self-closing door that stays open at 90 degrees; the Refrigerated Dough Retarder ‘s door will never get in the way of trying to use it.

RD-10 Product PageRD-10 Spec Sheet (PDF Download)

FWE Hits The Road Industry News Product Highlight Shows and Expos Trade Shows and Expos

We’re back from #NRAShow2018 – we are #FiredUp to share the details!

Food Warming Equipment Company recently returned from the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, IL.  This year FWE unveiled new products and updates to existing lines. Brand new products like the innovative Clymate IQ® Drawers.

What is the NRA Show? Well, has this to say:

“The National Restaurant Association Show is a can’t-miss opportunity to discover the latest innovations in food and beverage and network with over 66,000 foodservice professionals from around the world. Here’s all the information you’ll need to register, book your travel, and get the most out of this incredible four-day experience.”

National Sales Manager, Travis Hartley, at NRA!
National Sales Manager, Travis Hartley, at NRA!

Every year, the NRA show hosts thousands of professionals from all across the food service industry. FWE is proud to have a large presence at this show, so close to our corporate headquarters and sales office in Crystal Lake, IL.

Thank you to each and every person that stopped by our booth to learn about what’s new at FWE.

This year we were excited to announce the Clymate IQ® Precision Heated & Humidified Holding Drawer! The new series of FWE Drawer Warmers employs the same Precision Holding Temperature Technology (PHTT) found in all of our best-selling Clymate IQ® series of cabinets.

  • FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc • NEW SERIES • Precise Humidity Temperature Technology Drawers • Model Shown PHTT-2DR-6SL
    FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc • NEW SERIES • Precise Humidity Temperature Technology Drawers • Model Shown PHTT-2DR-6SL

    Available soon, with a selection of single, double or multiple drawer versions. Contact us for further details.

  • FWE has many designs and styles to accommodate the standard 12″ x 20″ shallow pans, and pans up to 6″ deep.
  • Standard and Side Load designs allow for narrow or shallow openings against walls and counters in the kitchen.
  • Solid stainless steel and built with the quality

    FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • Also New! • Heated Holding Shelves - New Features & Options like Individual Control Switches, Color Powder Coating & More!
    FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. • Also New! • Heated Holding Shelves – New Features & Options like Individual Control Switches, Color Powder Coating & More!

    you have come to expect with FWE products.

These warming drawers hold vegetables, potatoes and pasta hot, moist and flavorful. Stage hot beef, pork, poultry, and fish and retain flavorful juices at the precise temperature and humidity that you set.

The Drawer is great for concession stands, convenience stores, quick service restaurants, bistros & cafes, cafeterias, country clubs, nightclubs & bars.

To see additional new items and features, join us on our What’s New page over at

Product Highlight

FWE brings more solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services

More variety in our latest radiant Heated Holding Shelf (HHS).
Solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services.
Recently introduced, Food Warming Equipment (FWE) now offers more variety in radiant heated holding shelving solutions with new styles and features.
  • New control features.
  • New Sizes & New Styles available.
  • Explore New Colors with powder coating.

The HHS series of radiant heated shelving was designed to address the needs of Grab-and-Go and Take-Out operations. Perfect for fast-food chains, Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants.

The HHS promises to be a great solution to address the challenges of restaurants adopting new processes for online meal delivery services like; Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and other custom mobile apps. This can provide an organized, clean, dedicated place to locate finished orders where customers and foodservice operators can access hot meals quickly and efficiently.

Now available in various sizes and styles. We’re sure to find the right fit for almost any application.

Model: HHS-413-2039
 Model: HHS-413-2039

This is the best way to keep hot foods such as; panini sandwiches, flat breads, pitas or Italian beef (bottom bagged) warm.  Since heat radiates from below, it allows colder (top bagged items) product such as pickles and salads to stay cooler.

Click Here for more detailed information on features and options.

For more information on new products please
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