Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day!

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. Located in Portland, TN!

Food Warming Equipment Company has a commitment to quality above all else.

This includes being a good steward of the world around us. Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day and FWE would like to highlight what we do every day to ensure a better, brighter, and healthier planet.

Here are just a few ways FWE takes good care of Earth!

99% Paperless: FWE is proud to declare that we have taken measures to ensure that our manufacturing facility in Portland, Tennessee is 99% paperless. Utilizing top of the line computer technology we entrust in provides many benefits over paper methods.

Energy Star Ratings: Working hand in hand with the Department of Energy. FWE certifies an ever-increasing number of products to the Energy Star standard. This has two major benefits; first, it draws less energy making it better for the planet. Secondly, because it draws less power from the wall it saves you money!

Running Hot & Cold: FWE converted to a High-Efficiency air system with programmable thermostats to reduce heating and air conditioning cost. In the hotter months, FWE volunteers for brownout periods. Similarly, in the winter, we recycle the heat generated from the day to day manufacturing process within our facility.

Visit our Community & Sustainability web page, HERE for a deep dive into FWE’s sustainability procedures!

Our equipment helps limit waste, lowers energy costs, and reduces food waste. We encourage companies and individuals alike to pledge to do your best to help the planet.