Clymate IQ™ Is Pure Genius

FWE is introducing the Clymate IQ™ , a new Heated Holding Cabinet that keeps food at optimum serving temperatures through peak serving periods.  The Clymate IQ™ reaches set heat and humidity levels in just 30 minutes.  That’s twice as fast as other cabinets.

Portable and easy to use, it is perfect for short-term staging and extended holding times, eliminating hot spots and cold spots with minimal operator involvement.

Featuring “Intuitive Climate Control”,  FWE’s Clymate IQ™ Heated Humidified Holding Cabinet is easy to read and easy to set, with relative humidity settings between 10% to 90% and temperatures between 90º F and 200º F.  Additional features and benefits include:

 • A removable, large volume, standard sized 12 x 20″ water pan that can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.  Completely tool-free, this reservoir is easy to clean.

• Self-closing hinges that pull door shut to keep heat inside during busy serving times

• An alarm that sounds when water or temperature levels are low

Five different Clymate IQ™ models are available to meet just about every need.  As part of their special introductory offer, FWE is currently offering special pricing and rebates on all Clymate IQ™ models purchased through April 30, 2010.

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