Drawer Warmers, among the many new products from FWE

The new series of FWE Drawer Warmers employs the same Precision Holding Temperature Technology (PHTT)  found in all of our best selling Clymate IQ® series of cabinets.

  • Available soon, a selection of single, double or multiple drawer versions.
  • Already, FWE has many designs of several styles to accommodate the standard 12″ x 20″ shallow pans, and pans up to 6″ deep.
  • Standard and Side Load designs allow for narrow or shallow openings against walls and counters in the kitchen.
  • All stainless and built with the commercial durability you have come to expect and depend on with FWE products.
Warming drawers hold vegetables, potatoes and pasta hot, moist and flavorful. Stage hot beef, pork, poultry, and fish and retain flavorful juices at the precise temperature and humidity. Add product to the grill or pan for a quick sear and finish before plating.
Good for concession stands, convenience stores, quick service restaurants, bistros & cafes, cafeterias, country clubs, nightclubs & bars.
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