First Quarter 2013, “Off Without A Hitch” with over 99% Ontime Delivery

The numbers are in…

And Food Warming Equipment’s first Quarter of 2013 has yielded particularly good news.  Especially considering this period reflects FWE’s largest expansion and transitioning of its product lines, to the new facility in Portland, TN.

For the thousands of units ordered, delivery dates were met at just over 99.8% during this transition period.  And things are shaping up quite nicely as we ramp up into the summer production and order fulfillment.

Expanding and moving facilities are always a great challenge.  Add in the launch of two new products (FWE’s New Cook and Hold Smoker and the new Hot and Cold Transport Cart) and the largest Chain Account to date, and you can see why some may have been concerned that FWE would meet its match.  Overcoming these challenges was the result of careful, steady planning with a few key purchases and installation of heavy production machinery in 2012.  Components for critical workstations were already well in play by November 2012 awaiting orders. These quiet, early steps helped to make this a successful transition with very few hiccups.

This has also proven to be beneficial in shedding some less than efficient processes that became habit and gives FWE a “restart” in expediting product and design from engineering throughout the production process through to shipping.

FWE looks forward to the rest of 2013 as it ramps up to meet greater demands for the Summer and Fall and continues to deliver the highest in quality and service to our customers.

Amada Laser
New Industrial Laser Cutting. Up to 4x faster


FWE’s brand new Amada Industrial Laser, and its associated Material Handling System, is proving to be quite the workhorse putting out product with greater precision and cleaner cuts than ever before, 4x faster than the two lasers in Illinois.





Artos Wiring Solution
New Artos Wiring System

The new Artos Wire Processing System is helping to automate the process of cutting, striping and crimping of a high mix of wire types.  Thereby keeping wiring secure, consistent and reliable.  This will not only improve delivery in a timely manner but also bodes well for eliminating service issues for the future.



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