FWE brings more solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services

More variety in our latest radiant Heated Holding Shelf (HHS).
Solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services.
Recently introduced, Food Warming Equipment (FWE) now offers more variety in radiant heated holding shelving solutions with new styles and features.
  • New control features.
  • New Sizes & New Styles available.
  • Explore New Colors with powder coating.

The HHS series of radiant heated shelving was designed to address the needs of Grab-and-Go and Take-Out operations. Perfect for fast-food chains, Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants.

The HHS promises to be a great solution to address the challenges of restaurants adopting new processes for online meal delivery services like; Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and other custom mobile apps. This can provide an organized, clean, dedicated place to locate finished orders where customers and foodservice operators can access hot meals quickly and efficiently.

Now available in various sizes and styles. We’re sure to find the right fit for almost any application.

Model: HHS-413-2039
 Model: HHS-413-2039

This is the best way to keep hot foods such as; panini sandwiches, flat breads, pitas or Italian beef (bottom bagged) warm.  Since heat radiates from below, it allows colder (top bagged items) product such as pickles and salads to stay cooler.

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