FWE Celebrates 65 Years!

Founder Oren E. Klemm

2018 marks 65 years since Food Warming Equipment Company was incorporated. In those years FWE has continued to stay on the forefront of the industry. An American business with international reach, FWE is always looking ahead.

But, that does not mean we cannot look back at our history.

Founded by Oren E. Klemm in the mid to late1940s and it was Klemm who was the pioneer behind the famous “HOT SERVE” line of cabinets. At the time, what would become FWE shared a home with Klemm’s main enterprise known as Peerless Water Filters, a water filtering equipment, and water tank manufacturer.

Former owner Richard Klemm, Oren Klemm’s son, recalls how his father altered the way we prepare food for the masses.

“Previously, when you attended a banquet or wedding the head table would be finished eating long before everyone else had even been served their food.”

Dick Klemm Showing off FWE’s Mobile Bars

But with FWE’s Heated Holding Cabinets and the like, chefs could keep mass amounts of food hot and ready to serve so that everyone got to eat at once. The original risks set the perfect stage for 65 years and allowed FWE to be unafraid to continue to take those risks. At FWE we cultivate the brightest, toughest, and the most committed people around. It has been a great 65 years. Here’s to another 65 better years!


Current President, Deron Licthe with FWE employees during a 50th year anniversary photo-shoot in 2003