FWE hosts The U.S. FABRICATOR’s Leadership Summit

FWE – virtuous feedback loop in precision sheet metal fabrication

FWE is proud to host The U.S. FABRICATOR’s Leadership Summit tour, part of the fabricators & Manufacturers Association Annual Meeting 2019, a record breaking 300 attendees. An industry educational and networking event for the exchange of best practices and continuous improvement program. FWE is recognized for redefining performance processing for precision metal fabrication, intuitive paperless E-manufacturing environment.  Click here for full article…

FWE’s feedback loop drives continuous improvement, helps refine standard processing times, gives employees skin in the game, improves performance in delivery and quality, and fosters an open shop culture, all at the same time. If that’s not a virtuous cycle, I don’t know what is. ”  –  TIM HESTON, The Fabricator (March 6)