FWE Launches Employee Dashboard for Production Floor

FWE's Employee Dashboard

FWE recently launched our new Employee Dashboard across all departments on our production floor. This new dashboard is how employees will start and end their days on the floor and puts relevant data at each employees’ fingertips. Information employees need to get their workload done for the day and metrics to measure their performance are displayed here in a clear, streamlined manor.

When an employee logs into their dashboard they will see their assignments for the day, the list of co-workers that are absent that day, how they are tracking on both the attendance and daily bonus programs. They will also see metrics pertaining to their performance like completion rate, quality streak, all-time jobs completed and more!

We are hopeful that having access to this data will increase transparency and encourage professional growth as employees see their streaks and rates improve in real time.

Thanks to everyone on the team who made this dashboard a reality. Even when it comes to our internal systems, at FWE if you can dream it, we can build it.