FWE Recognizes Earth Day

FWE on Environment and Sustainability
Earth Day, April 22nd 2013


This Earth Day, April 22nd, give a little thought to how you can improve the standards and quality of life for your customers, employees, co-workers and yourself.


Ever wondered who works tirelessly to keep our towns, our country and our planet clean?

We do, you do, and businesses everywhere, working together, play an important role in keeping the earth a cleaner and safer planet for everyone. FWE is always striving to improve our Community and Sustainability efforts, while building a successful and growing enterprise, and you can too.

It comes through awareness, education and conservation.  The diligence of a few small actions here and there help to conserves soil, improve water, air quality and create a better standard of living for everyone.

FWE continues, in little ways here and there, to fulfill its role as a leader in reducing waste all year round.  These add up to big savings and a better yet, a more sustainable work environment all year.  We believe that these efforts promote well better well being and a safer work place.  We invite you to come and take a look at what efforts FWE is taking in making it happen at our website by clicking here and checking out our page at www.FWE.com .

It’s not just reasonable, and responsible it’s practical and it helps promote the “bottom line.”

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