FWE Sets A New Marketing Pace

FWE is a company known for quality cooking, holding, serving, refrigeration, transporting, and bar equipment.  Only recently have they begun to earn a new reputation – that of “marketing innovator.”  That’s because FWE is one of a very few foodservice equipment companies that has jumped on board the interactive marketing train by employing 2D bar codes or Quick-Read (QR) codes in all of their advertising campaigns.

Progressive marketers in the retail industry have been using QR code technology for a couple of years.  These bar codes are an inexpensive way for companies to interact with busy consumers.  Using their smart phones, people simply scan the code and find, via the web, additional product information and even videos.

Beginning in February, FWE placed QR codes on all of their marketing materials including ads, direct mail, and sales literature.  The codes are specific to the particular product(s) being marketed.  When the QR code gets scanned, it takes the reader directly to additional website information on those FWE products to give greater detail. 

“The placement of the QR codes in our marketing materials is doing more than just generating curiosity among our target audience.  When those codes get scanned, we have solid proof that we’ve engaged the reader in our marketing message,” says Curt Benson,Vice President of Sales & Marketing at FWE.  “It really is pretty cool technology.”

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