FWE’s Made In USA for FSCI’s Magazine

Recently, FWE was featured in FSCI’s Magazine under the title, “Thriving in the US”. The article features one of our favorite photos of an employee welding two parts together. The article itself is broken down into three parts.

The opening of the article talks about FWE as a company, our history, our tradition as a provider of custom solutions. Did you know that when FWE started way back in the 1950s that all the material was cut by hand? That is a far cry from the high precision laser we use today. But FWE takes great care to have the same level attention to every detail now as we did back then.

From here the article goes into how FWE is a global manufacturer with every model being made in the USA. With the introduction to automation processes, FWE was able to produce equipment under the better, faster, cheaper mantra. FWE, when we can, sources all building materials locally, which allows us to give back to the communities we serve in Nashville and Chicago.

Rounding out the article, FER discusses how FWE is learning and growing into the future. FWE management serves as mentors to the next generation of entrepreneurs. We work closely with high schools and local colleges for our paid internship program, fostering career growth with many interns staying with FWE for decades. We do all of this because we are proud to be designed, and built in America!