Getting Ready for the Biggest Banquet Challenges of the Holiday Season?


Professional foodservice equipment solutions, for everything you need this banquet season!

Cook | Hold | Transport | Serve | Refrigerate

Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc. (FWE) has the complete package, providing thousands of solutions with customized features and options on the most efficient and cost-effective Banquet Cabinets, Bars, Cook & Hold Equipment and Refrigerators in the foodservice industry.
Cook and Hold Oven
LCH-6-SK to Cook, Hold and Smoke

The latest generation of Low Temperature Cook and Hold Ovens (LCH-G2) provides the durability and dependability that you need. Operators can cook almost anywhere without a hood which provides flexibility, efficiency and overall savings. Overnight cooking with the LCH-G2 allows any foodservice professional the ability to cook to perfection with consistency and precisely hold with technology that represents the next generation of slow cook perfection.

Add in FWE’s Clymate IQ Heated Holding Cabinet (PHTT series) and you can’t go wrong. Precision moisture technology provided by the PHTT series is always the perfect accompaniment to any service, large or small, and will change the way you serve banquets.

P-120 Heated Banquet Cabinet

With over 60 different Banquet Cabinets, (Hot Box heated holding) FWE has exactly what you need for signature holiday feasts! Hundreds of meals can be held hot in their durable, all welded, all stainless steel cabinets. User-friendly controls, built-in heat systems, heavy-duty latches and full bumper protection are just some of the standard features.

FWE is also known for their NSF Approved Portable Bars (Mobile Bars). NSF Certification sets FWE apart from others when it comes to safety. FWE Portable Bars allow any banquet hall or restaurant the ability to bring beverage service to patrons and guests, providing servers a safer and quicker turn-around on all beverage orders.

With ice-cold beverages in mind, FWE offers Professional Solutions in Refrigeration (Cold Temp Series) that operate in the most demanding environments. Tough construction absorbs vibration and shock during transport. FWE’s forced air “Cold-Temp” refrigerating system maintains a balanced temperature that gently circulates cold air evenly throughout the cabinet.

For more information, contact FWE at (800)222-4393 or email us at to speak with one of our foodservice equipment specialists to find the right solution for you.