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Keeping Food Hot While Maintaining Flavor at Knoxville’s Carter Elementary School

Keeping food hot while maintaining flavor at Knoxville’s Carter Elementary

PORTLAND, TENN. (April 1, 2015) – When most people think of an elementary school they think of reading, writing and arithmetic. At Food Warming Equipment, though, we think about how our equipment is hard at work fueling better educations. Children need quality, nutritious food to be fueled for a full day of learning.

Carter Elementary School, located in Knoxville Tennessee, is a new school built in 2013. The school trusts FWE equipment to keep food at the perfect temperature while feeding over 600 people at annual holiday lunches.

Sue Ville, Food Service Manager at Carter Elementary School
Sue Ville, Food Service Manager at Carter Elementary School

“Carter Elementary School takes its food very seriously,” said Sue Ville, Food Service Manager for the school. “We daily make all meals from scratch and provide hot lunches for children who may not get them at home”. You can’t learn on an empty stomach It’s not just about “Hot Food”. . .it’s about hot food that holds its taste! Our heated holding cabinets are designed to help your food not only stay hot, but fresh and flavorful for hours!

Sue Ville, Food Service Manager at Carter Elementary School
Sue Ville, Food Service Manager at Carter Elementary School

Food is prepared and then put in FWE’s PHU-12 holding cabinet. Once in the PHU-12, the food is kept at the optimal temperature until it is served. Our moisture cabinets are designed to preserve food quality while staying hot and ready to serve. An accurate balance of heat and humidity levels creates an environment ideal for holding product for short-term and extended periods. When you are feeding hundreds this is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants a cold lunch, or a hot flavorless lunch. FWE provides the perfect balance to keep tummies full and learning fueled.

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