Hot Box Solutions for Compact Operations

FWE introduces the Newest Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet (HLC-PSGN-5).  In a continuing series of new, smaller and more efficient Cook & Hold Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets that are designed for “on-the-go” operations.

As with all Food Warming Equipment (FWE) solutions, this counter-top unit is built sturdy and made to last with frequent handling and use.  Highly mobile and transportable, this cabinet is perfect for on-site or off-premise events as well counter-top accesss and  and holds 12” x 20” pans, 18” x 13” trays and Gastronorm containers and pans.   HLC-PSGN-5_Points

FWE’s HLC-PSGN-5 Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet is designed for high volume chains and convenience stores that require pre-load and constant replenishment of food throughout the day.

Uniform, radiant heat, with light airflow throughout, gently surrounds food, keeping it hot and ready-to-serve for hours. Your choice of options for the HLC-PSGN-5 includes handles, pedestal legs or casters that make the cabinet highly transportable.

Like all FWE cabinet and oven solutions, heavy-duty all stainless steel construction stands up to the most demanding environments.

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