NAFEM Helps Make Energy Star Audits More Efficient

NAFEM Helps Make Energy Star Audits More Efficient

To make products better, faster, and customer affordable Food Warming Equipment Co. needs to make units at a high level of efficiency. Part of this efficiency is the Energy Star rating that FWE is proud to have adorned on their products. Energy Star is a program that manufacturers volunteer to enter that helps both companies and individuals save money through efficient energy. The benefit is two-fold, first is the cost savings on your energy bill and second is environmental protection from the same energy efficiency. 

NAFEM has been discussing with the Environmental Protection Agency to aid the U.S. Government in making the Energy Star audits even more efficient by conducting audits through a third-party. This process was first only approved on steam cookers. In 2018, the Department of Energy is beginning to look into expanding the program to other food service equipment. Government funding prevents the DOE to implement this change. Fortunately, NAFEM is working to expand the program.  Read about it on NAFEM’s website:

FWE boasts a large array of products with the Energy Star rating. Visit our webpage at Here, you can view our most popular models with the Energy Star rating. Discover the Energy Star rebate and see if you qualify! On our page, we invite you to look at our FAQ and learn about the Energy Star rating.

What do these changes to the process mean for the FWE consumer? It means that the consumer gets the product better, faster, and affordable.

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