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‘New Stock’ & ‘Scratch and Dent’ Inventories Added to

We have had several requests over the past couple of weeks regarding availability of stock units.  As we are always striving to be the easiest manufacture to work with, we have gone ahead and added this information to our website. 

Here are the links to both the new stock inventory page and scratch and dent inventory page as well as a screen shot of how to navigate to these pages from the main page of our website:

In addition to what is showing on these pages, we are also currently building 70 of the HS-24 mobile hand sinks for stock.  These will be available to ship 24-48 hours upon receipt of order starting Monday, April 6th, 2020.

All stock units are available on a first come / first serve basis.

Please reach out to us at 800-222-4393 if you have any questions and we hope you find this to be a helpful tool!!