No Costly Hood Required!

Vent-Free Oven Solutions

There are now Vent-Free Oven Solutions available from FWE!

LCH-6-6-G2Food Warming Equipment (FWE) is pleased to announce that the new generation (G2) of low Temperature Cook & Hold Ovens, has passed a capture and emissions test, based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Test Method 202.  Conducted to ensure the emission of grease-laden effluent does not exceed an average of 5 mg/m3 during an eight-hour test cooking period.

Total grease emissions are far less than required and FWE far exceeds the Standard for Recirculating Systems for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.  With less than 0.29 mg/m3 the new generation of Cook and Hold Ovens passes this Smoke/Grease Vapor Test with flying colors!

LCH-6-6-G2 Cook and Hold Oven with 2 separate cooking compartments

FWE’s LCH-G2 ovens prevent grease-laden vapors and smoke from escaping without the use of costly exhaust hoods. You can cook almost anything anywhere and achieve high product yield, natural product browning and minimal product shrinkage. Maximize savings, labor and energy and eliminate costly and space-consuming exhaust hoods.