Reduce Food Shrinkage – Improve Food Flavor

Low Temperature Cook & Hold (LCH) Ovens from FWE use radiant and gentle air circulation to provide the best possible food flavor without overcooking or dehydration.  The end results are juicy meats that require no browning agents, vegetables that are rich in color and nutrition, breads, rolls, pies & cookies that brown evenly, and overall better food quality, taste, and appearance.

Designed to accommodate a variety of trays and pans, FWE’s LCH Ovens allow venting of humidity to adjust food moisture to specific conditions.  These ovens automatically switch from cook mode to lower holding temperature as needed.  An easy to operate control panel offers choice of cooking by product probe or time, and separate temperature displays for cook and hold modes.  Quality all stainless steel welded construction, polyurethane casters, and heavy-duty door latches and hinges are featured on all 6 LCH Oven models from FWE.  Each oven also offers low energy usage, and lower associated labor costs.


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