Refrigerator Maintains Temperature For Up To 3 Hours With Door Open!


FWE’s ASU-9 Air Screen Refrigerator operates with its door open for up to 180 minutes, maintaining a temperature below 41º F.  That’s three times longer than the closest competing style air screen refrigerator on the market.  This extended open door feature makes the ASU-9 perfect for mass feeding in healthcare, school foodservice and other demanding applications where speed and food safety are important. FWE’s mobile Air Screen Refrigerator fits right into traylines to reduce the amount of turning and reaching. 

Additional features on FWE’s ASU-9 include a magnetic door open latch, multi-fan 3-D air curtain cooling system, intuitive controls, stainless steel exterior and interior, heavy duty polyurethane casters, and recessed hand grips on each side.  Extended performance features are also detailed in the company’s product brochure.

FWE also manufactures the R-AS-10 Mobile Air Screen Refrigerator.  Featuring many of the same product details as the ASU-9, this style operates with the door open for up to 90 minutes while maintaining a temperature below 41º F.  A regular open door latch comes standard on this model.

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