Same Great Results, Now In A Smaller Package

Precision Humidity Temperature Technology Heated Holding Cabinet

For food product that requires precise Temperature and Humidity to maintain texture and flavor, Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) Heated Holding cabinets can’t be beat.

The PHTT now comes in more compact sizes.  Perfect for under-counter convenient access or counter-top use.

Get the same Precision Humidity and Temperature Technology (PHTT) as any of our full size cabinets in a smaller footprint.  Hold any product with precise temperature control from 90°F – 200°F and drive humidity from OFF to 90% consistently and reliably for product to stay moist or crisp as required.

Prevent overcooking and dehydration or surfaces from becoming soggy.

This heated holding cabinet can do everything from proofing dough at high humidity to holding crispy chicken at hot temperatures and low controlled humidity.  All this control allows you to maintain fresh flavor, longer.  The PHTT-1220 model is the perfect solution for products that require precision to maintain texture and flavor.

Have a question about what setting would work best for a particular product, just call us at 800-222-4393 or email us at  Let us know, we are always happy to help dial in the best possible settings.