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Big Banquets are Big Business for the end of year Holiday Celebrations

With all the hustle and bustle the holiday season can bring, some venues feel more pressure and stress than any other time of year.

Banquet halls and staff are often pushed to the limit for a diverse assortment of special events. Hired to host company parties, end-of-year award ceremonies, holiday fund-raisers, New Year’s Eve and increasingly the Christmas Eve and Christmas day banquets themselves. Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has the perfect offer for this time of year.

Your holiday events can range from serving small groups of fifteen, or a grand hall of five hundred banquet guests over the next few weeks. Each requiring the special, personal touch in an effort to deliver a perfect meal service. More than any other time of year, banquet halls and venues require reliable holding cabinets to service everyone. The more you can service, the greater your opportunities and return.

Our FWE model P-120 Banquet Cabinet for pre-plated meals 
holds up to 120 meals for up to 11 inch plates.
heated holding cabinet for banquets and food transport

The Quick Ship program is available to many of our FWE Banquet Serving solutions and Mobile Bars, for efficient beverage service anywhere the party is located. You can have reliable equipment within two business days of receiving your order.

Act now. Save now. For years to come, FWE can assure you have best stainless foodservice equipment with our standard warranty of 2-years on parts and 1-year labor. FWE’s guarantee that you will have a solid, dependable equipment to accommodate the largest gatherings.

FWE model CB-6 Portable Bar is used for conventional beverage service using cans & bottles.  Choose from several laminate color selections.Portable Bars for beverage services anywhere inside outside

Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
Or Email             (800)222-4393  

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The NRA Show for 2017 Delivers Information, Innovation, and Education

Join us, FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. (FWE) and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) on the 20th – 23rd at Booth #2209 for the 2017 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

This year promises to be bigger than we’ve seen in many years. Economic forces are looking up and aligning with “hungry” investors looking to get off the sideline and take action on new opportunities.  The NRA Show for 2017 looks to be a place to make those big opportunities happen. New innovations and improved models by FWE will make the best of those opportunities.

The National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) annual Show featured over 2,500 exhibitors and covers well over a half million square feet of exhibition hall space on 3 levels of Chicago’s McCormick Place,

Know your way around with the NRA Show, mobile app for 2017. With this app you can find us, other exhibitors, map your course, find educational sessions and more. Choose “NRA Show 2017” and tap “GET.

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Holiday deadlines are fast approaching.

FWE Banquet solutions, now when you need them most. Solutions for your Holiday Season and FREE SHIPPING!

The holiday season is the busiest banqueting time of year, pushing your business and equipment to the limit, often leaving you in a bind when you need them the most.  FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. is your “Just In Time” source for big banqueting and holiday buffets this season!
B(1)CLICK HERE to see how you can receive FREE SHIPPING!
Select Banqueting Essentials ready for your holiday banquets, parties, and catered events. Receive select items FAST!
* Free Shipping within the contiguous US only             (800)222-4393            www.FWE.comban
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Join FWE for an event with a fresh perspective at the NRA Show 2016 & International Foodservice Marketplace

Join us, FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. (FWE) at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 4 day event being held from 21st May to the 24th May 2016 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago at Booth #2209 for the 2016 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.



Get up close and personal with our custom product specialists who are preparedto provide solutions and resources to help your organization succeed.

Highly mobile, extremely durable and built for your needs in mind.  FWE prides itself on specialty and custom solutions that others won’t touch and recognizes the value of the special opportunities and custom requests which separates us from the rest.

With over 60 years of experience, crafting foodservice solutions across a broad base of applications, customers and markets, FWE has established itself as a leader in Heated Mobile Banquet Carts and Cabinets. Continuously awarded Best in Class by Consultants, FWE continues to innovate and branch out into related territories including retherm ovens, cook & hold ovens, beverage carts, mobile bars and air screen mobile refrigeration.

“Get outside of your comfort zone and learn about a new facet of foodservice from experts from across the industry. Immerse yourself in discussions about hot trends and topics. Leave the Show with a fresh perspective.” – National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2016



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FWE has Special Offers that you can’t afford to ignore

Select an upgrade from a list of features and options for each model when ordering to receive that upgrade for FREE!1 Special Offer Content image

Save hundreds of dollars in custom features and options. Contact FWE today to obtain pricing and availability on Hot Boxes, Banquet Cabinets, Transport Carts, Humidified Holding Cabinets and Ovens.

We have selected several of our most popular models to choose from, specific for Banqueting, Hospitality and Catering.

Beautiful, Bountiful Banquets!

Whether you’re feeding 40 or 4,000, FWE’s Hot Box and Banquet Carts are at the heart of every banquet operation.

FWE offers the greatest number of stock selections, custom features and options.

With over 600 hot box solutions on hand, FWE has a cabinet for your application.  Just call us today and we will work with you to determine what you really need.

Hold and Transport Anything

Keep bulk foods flavorful and savory for hours and keep product as hot and crispy (or moist) as desired.  Our custom selection of caster wheels allow for transport over almost any terrain.

FWE’s Universal Humi-Temp Servers (UHS) are among the most versatile solutions and best performing heated bulk food cabinets on the market today.

UHS cabinets fit a wide variety of sizes in trays, pans and racks. Stocked with a unique set of adjustable tray slides and uprights, you can hold almost any combination of trays and pans.  Making this a truly universal solution for banquets and buffets. 800-222-4393


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The 2014 Holiday Banquet Season is Here!

December 2, 2014

Information Contact:
Curt Benson (800)222-4393

The Clymate IQ ( Model: PHTT-12 ) Precision Heated Holding Mobile cabinet with Humidity Control

Portland, TN – It’s all about you… as FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. is your one-stop shop for everything you need this banquet season!  Choose from the most efficient and cost-effective Banquet Cabinets, Bars, Cook & Hold Equipment, and Refrigerators in the foodservice industry!

Consistently voted Best in Class in Mobile Food Hot Food Holding Equipment, with over 60 different Banquet Cabinets from which to choose, FWE has exactly what you need for those holiday feasts!  From 40 to 200 meals can be held hot in their durable, all welded, all stainless steel cabinets.  User-friendly controls, built-in heat systems, heavy-duty latches, and full bumper protection are just some of the standard features on FWE’s Banquet Cabinets.

For those celebratory toasts and traditional egg nog indulgences, FWE now offers more than 24 different styles of NSF Approved Portable Bars.  NSF certification is a distinction that sets FWE apart from all others when it comes to safety.  Couple that with durable construction and cost saving Post-Mix and Bag-In-Box serving capabilities and you have a new reason to celebrate!

Don’t forget about FWE’s newest update to their Cook & Hold line.  The newly redesigned LCH (Low Temp Cook and Hold) Series is versatile enough to cook and hold anything from beef, pork, and poultry to roasted potatoes, bread and pastries.  The oven you can’t live without saves money and labor by cooking overnight with lights out and holding to perfection until preparation and plating.

FWE’s Clymate IQ Heated Holding Cabinet will change the way you serve at banquets. The Clymate IQ reaches set heat and humidity levels in under 30 minutes.  Twice as fast as many other cabinets.  The Clymate IQ then keeps food at optimum serving temperatures through peak serving periods.  Portable and easy to use, it is perfect for short-term staging and extended holding times, eliminating hot spots and cold spots with minimal operator involvement.

Last but not least, FWE offers Refrigeration solutions that operate in the most demanding and punishing environments.  Tough construction absorbs vibration and shock during transport.  FWE’s forced air “COLD-TEMP” system maintains a balanced temperature that gently circulates cold air evenly throughout the cabinet.


For more information, contact FWE :  5599 Hwy 31 W.  Portland, TN 37148

(800)222-4393  |   |

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Held in the P-120 Heated Banquet Cabinet Chef Neil is confident in his service

From our door to your floor in 48 hours!

FWE’s Quick Ship Program has a long standing history of delivering the goods, just in time.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a very busy Banqueting Season.  With all the holiday affairs of company parties, family celebrations, Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, the ability to prepare and serve thousands in the next few weeks is stretched to the limit.

Whether it is a private event or a grand holiday brunch, everywhere country clubs, hotels, convention centers and banqueting facilities of all kinds will each prepare hundreds of turkeys, an untold amount of hams, prime ribs and sides of every type for each occasion.

Sometimes the most obvious equipment needing upkeep and replacement is hiding in plain sight and gets overlooked.

Inventory available now, through FWE’s Quick Ship Program, can allow chefs and foodservice management to save the day and their reputation, averting what could otherwise be a catastrophic night.

Unfortunately, many will find their existing equipment lacking and inoperable only days before the big event. Unable to deliver on the biggest night of the year, some facilities may find their service lacking, reputation damaged and future events at risk.

P-120 Heated Banquet Cabinet Holds up to 120 covered plates

Plug in

      Pre heat

               Roll out…

FWE takes the worry out of large services, delays and last minute arrivals with the “Humi-Temp” Heated Humidity System that eliminates hot and cold zones by gently circulating hot, moist air throughout the interior of the cabinet.  Fully insulated, preheat-to-transport will keep plated meals, hot as first plated, for up to an hour.  Or extend the hold time with canned fuel for well over an hour with stable, consistent even heating throughout.  Designed to preserve the moisture content of the food, the P-120 model of heated holding cabinets can transport up to 120 meals at once.  Or for larger services the E-1500 model of can accommodate up to 180 11″ plated meals.

Conveniently hold hot bulk items, well before plating, with the most popular UHS-12 Universal Heated Holding Cabinet.  An all round prefect solution for holding bulk food on sheet trays, sheet pans and steam table pans for buffets and banquets.  Select from a variety of FWE foodservice solutions for banqueting, catering and restaurant services.All available within 48 hours from the factory.

In everything we do, it’s all about you.

FWE Quick Ship is here and can provide immediately delivery on top quality banquet cabinets and heated holding equipment to get you through this season and years beyond assuring efficient service, quality product and perfect presentation.


FWE is more than just Food Warming Equipment; FWE provides full service solutions for many applications of cooking, holding, transport and serving.

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Legendary Solutions for One World Observatory

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has begun shipping our latest Heated Holding Carts and Cabinets to the new World Trade Center in New York City.

Scheduled to open in early 2015, the beautiful 120,000 square foot One World Observatory will soon become the premier destination to host special events and banquets in New York City.


Last year the internationally renowned Legends Hospitality was challenged to create, and endorsed by Governors Cuomo and Christie, to maintain and operate the three story observation deck atop the new World Trade Center.  This project would bring a world-class observation deck to what will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere when it reaches its final height of 1776 feet.

Legends is among the most recognized and established companies in entertainment and sport.  Renowned for delivering a multitude of services to world recognized venues which include; Yankee Stadium, Cowboys Stadium and the most recent Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49’rs.  All venues that bring the experience of sport to a new level of accommodation and style and all venues where FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. solutions can be found.

Beginning at Level 100, the 3 Story observation deck will feature dining options, special events spaces for banquets and catering.  The facility promises to deliver an experience that will educate and entertain with the latest in digital technology and breathtakingly amazing views that will look out over the Hudson River, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and eternal views of the skyline of New York.

Soon, the One World Observatory will feature contemporary and sophisticated dining options on Level 101 with  breathtaking views of the skyline.  Internationally inspired cuisine will be featured on a menu of gourmet offerings as well as casual meals.  The space will provide for great flexibility, allowing multiple events, simultaneously, while  guests enjoying the observation deck continue sightseeing undisturbed.

From Heated Holding Carts and Banquet Cabinets to Air Screen Refrigeration and Custom Mobile Bars, FWE provides the kind of solutions that help organizations like Legends meet the challenges of delivering on a grand experience that take sport and entertainment to a new level of expectation and dependability.  FWE delivers it’s own successful experience in manufacturing to the kind solutions needed for the most sophisticated VIP Skybox to servicing tens of thousands of fans simultaneously.

FWE has been providing equipment and solutions for stadiums, convention centers, expos and theme parks for decades and is proud to be a part in Legends‘ latest success of the One World Trade Center Observation Deck project and looks forward to many more like it.

One World Observatory





Banqueting Season is here!



FWE / Food Warming Equipment is here to supply you with your last minute needs.



Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The time is now to start making selections on Banquet Cabinets andFood Warming Equipment for holiday parties and formals.

Call us now at 800-222-4393 to get a quote and consult on the right equipment for your application.

FWE has you covered.  Click here for a list of our Quick Ship products,including several Banquet Carts and Heated Holding Cabinets.

Call us now at 800-222-4393 and see why we are rated Best in Class by Consultants for Mobile Hot Food Holding Equipment or email us


Custom Banquet Transport – Special Delivery

Duane Welch, Director of Stewarding for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, partnered with Food Warming Equipment Owner and President Deron Lichte to design special equipment, including rolling refrigerated and delivery carts, to be used in the hotel’s banquet areas.  “We were able to create a shelving piece that allowed better security for the sheet pans holding the food,” says Welch.  “During transport, we don’t have salads falling all over the place.”

The team created labor- and storage-efficient mat delivery carts that don’t drip on and destroy mats in the hotel’s kitchen.  Additionally, the Cosmopolitan uses FWE’s single-drawer, electric- and sterno-approved heated cabinets, which allow heat to be built back up to the food during transport.

FWE also Offers double speed Racks that are cross-functional for moving plated products to banquet rooms and accepting trays of dirty dishes afterward, allowing for the use of a single cart rather than taking up valuable hallway space with the multiple carts, says Welch. -MP

Contact:  800-222-4393,

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