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Smoking and BBQ Continue to Trend…

Be prepared to deliver that smoked flavor on your signature dishes. Hold your product better than ever before with FWE’s system of
Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions and accessories.image001

Best in Class 2015free shipping bannerDeliver the signature smoke flavor customers demand. Hold product with the stable, consistent heat of FWE’s Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions.

Holding smoked products in a Clymate IQ (with precision humidity control) will have customers enjoying that “fresh from the pit” savory flavor and texture. Perfect every time.

FWE also provides the perfect accessories for smoke, cook and hold applications with all the above models!

Also, check out these accessories.

Applications and Niche Markets Customer Highlight

Ribfest Champion Pitmaster, Mark Link, Picks PHTT

Recently we sat with Founder, Owner and FWE customer Mark Link of Uncle Bub’s after his big win at Ribfest Chicago where he took home 1st place in the competition.

Uncle Bub's Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Uncle Bub’s Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Smoked BBQ Ribs and Brisket Meal
Smoked BBQ Ribs and Brisket Meal


With over 20 years experience serving up authentic Pit-Smoked Barbeque, in Westmont Illinois, Mark has built up his brand and a solid reputation in as a fierce competitor among competition BBQ pitmasters.  Uncle Bub’s restaurant and catering continues to expand on this labor of love with plans to open more locations and secure a warehouse to insure quality and consistency in their select cuts of premium beef, pork, ribs, chicken and more.

This weekend Uncle Bub’s will compete, once again, in the 4th of July Naperville Ribfest (one of the largest in North America).  Uncle Bub’s looks forward to beating the volume of previous years with around 150,000 to 200,000 people in attendance, and take home another first place trophy in a streak that began this year with a big win in Sioux Falls SD, earlier this year.

Lunch at Uncle Bub's
Lunch at Uncle Bub’s

The volume of product served at some festivals is staggering.  At the last award winning competition, Uncle Bub’s went through 151 cases of ribs (aprox 2100 slabs), 800 pounds of pulled pork and 900 pounds of brisket.  But even for Uncle Bub’s, this year’s Naperville Ribfest may prove to be one of the biggest ever, pushing Mark and his crew to the limits.

Uncle Bub’s delivers on bringing that award winning flavor and taste to every dish served at the restaurant with dependable equipment such as; the Southern Pride Smokers, FWE’s Clymate IQ cabinets with precision humidity temperature technology (PHTT), and FWE’s P-120 heated holding banquet cabinets.  Fundamental equipment that is necessary to maintaining his success.

Mark started with another brand and switched to an FWE solution several years ago.  When asked what the determining factor was in making this important switch he stated, “We’re pretty rough on our equipment here and we’re in and out all the time….  When I saw the unit, how it was built and designed, I thought, you know what?  This thing can handle it.”

Mark Link with the ClymateIQ (PHTT)
Mark Link with the ClymateIQ (PHTT)

The moisture and control has been very good for us, and the controls are simple and easy to operate.”  Mark continues on stating, “It maintains temp.  Recovery time was much quicker and it was very consistent.  I like the fact that is shows you exactly how much humidity you have in your box.   And that’s very important to keep your product fresh.   That really sold me.



Uncle Bub’s process includes premium cuts of meat that arrives trimmed, then tumbled, and finally slow smoked until morning.  After which it is pulled out and kept in a  pre-heated holding cabinet (PHTT-12) at 30-35% humidity until it is ready for serving during the rush times at lunch and dinner, hours later.

Mark Link with a pair of PHTT heated holding cabinets
Mark Link with a pair of PHTT heated holding cabinets

Consistency of temperature and humidity throughout the ClymateIQ insures that the quality of taste and tenderness, expected of a champion level dish, is maintained for several hours after the oven.   “I’m very concerned for safety and sanitation, especially since we do so much volume here.”  Regarding the tenderness and keeping moisture locked in the meat, Mark goes on to say the PHTT “… it keeps the moisture in the brisket, big time.

We invite you to stop by and visit Uncle Bub’s at the Naperville Ribfest this weekend and see what award winning BBQ is really all about.  Don’t like crowds?  Well then swing on by the restaurant at 132 S Cass Ave, Westmont, IL and tell them FWE sent you.

Uncle Bub's Restaurant in Westmont, IL
Uncle Bub’s Restaurant in Westmont, IL

Uncle Bub's Pick Up
Uncle Bub’s Pick Up

Order Desk and Trophy Wall
Order Counter and Trophy Wall

Uncle Bub's Caravan of Vehicles
Uncle Bub’s Caravan of Vehicles

Ready to Deliver
Ready to Deliver



Illinois BBQ Alliance Presents: The First Annual Autumn Smoke

Illinois BBQ Alliance Logo
Illinois BBQ Alliance (IBBQA)

FWE / Food Warming Equipment will be here at the IBBQA’s First Annual Autumn Smoke on Monday, October 29th – 6pm – 9pm.  Next Monday at The Warehouse at Carmichael’s on 1052 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL   Brought to you by the who’s who of BBQ!

This is a fundraising event and membership drive with the added bonus of having fun, eating and talking barbecue with the Illinois BBQ community.

Your donation to IBBQA will feed five (5) people for every ticket sold.

Mingle with Barry Sorkin of Smoque, Dave Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray’s, Lee Ann Whippen of Chicago Q, and Charlie McKenna of Lillie’s Q, Gary Wiviott of Barn & Company and taste their wonderful creations!

The Autumn Smoke will feature samplings from ten of Chicago’s top BBQ restaurants. A selection of “off-menu” items will provide a unique surprise that you may not find in any of their restaurants.

Honored guests, Scottie Johnson of “Cancer Sucks” World Champion Competition BBQ team and Harry Stewart, owner of Great American Barbecue Company of Alameda, California will be speaking briefly about their experiences with charity and the craft of BBQ.

Buy Your Tickets Now and join us!  Click Here: To Sign up at Eventbrite

If you like good food BBQ and a whole lot moredon’t forget to Like us at our Facebook Page by clicking here and be sure to Click here to Follow the IBBQA on Facebook  for more new information about this event and others.

The Illinois BBQ Alliance is…
a community of barbecue friends, part of a much larger community. A community in which people occasionally need the kind of help that a group of BBQ cooks is uniquely equipped to provide.

Helping to feed people In need…
when natural disasters strike. Large groups of people are often without food, water, or shelter for extended periods while cities and towns rebuild their infrastructures and families rebuild their lives. And while aid organizations exist to try to bring essential supplies, none may be as well-equipped to feed masses of people as a group of BBQers. With their catering trucks, mobile rigs, and cooking expertise, a small team of well-coordinated BBQers can feed tens of thousands of people in need.

We want to be there…
for communities and individuals in need of some help. Whether that is a warm meal or a smiling face, we believe that we can provide a little relief, help meet basic needs, and offer moral support wherever it is needed most.

That’s the stuff that makes a community great. Please join us.

Buy Your Tickets Now and join us!  Click Here: To Sign up at Eventbrite


IBBQA Autumn Smoke Attendees
IBBQA Autumn Smoke Attendees