FWE Cook and Hold Smoker for Release, early 2012


The CHSK series of Cook-and-Hold Ovens, which launch in the new year, includes a 2 stage smoker that offers a light 15- minute or a standard one- to two- hour smoke.  The units feature the longest burn time in the industry without requiring a wood chip refill, and the airflow performance ensures even airflow when convection baking roasting braising and holding without hotspots.  –  Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine November 2011



Press Release

Somethin's Always Cookin' At FWE

Cook and Hold Smoker Oven
FWE - Cook & Hold Smoker Oven

Somethin’s always cookin’ at FWE and this time they’re literally smokin’ as they introduce a new line of cook and hold ovens with a brand new “smoker” feature.  The company has spent months developing and testing these ovens in R & D and recently announced a product launch date of January 1, 2012.

FWE’s CHSK Series is versatile enough to cook, hold, and smoke anything from pork to salmon to cheese, roasted potatoes or even ice.  The ovens feature a 2-stage smoker.  The “light” stage is a quick 15 minute smoke while the “standard” stage is a longer 1 to 2 hour smoke.  The units offer the longest burn time in the industry without wood chip refill.

FWE’s Airflow Performance allows for convection baking, roasting, braising, and holding with even airflow and without hotspots.  In addition, the CHSK Series ovens produce superb yields, great color, texture & feel for all types of products.  A menu lock-out is also available on the ovens, enabling supervisors or chefs to enter pre-sets into the unit and lock it, insisting operators cook only by using predetermined properties.


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