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FWE Showcases New Products at the 2018 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show

You are invited to join FWE at Booth #3813 for the 2018 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show beginning Saturday, May 19th through Tuesday, May 22nd at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

FWE will showcase several New Products and have updates on new features and options for existing lines of Cook & Hold, Hot Holding, Banqueting, Refrigeration, Mobile Bars and much more. 

Food Warming Equipment Co. continues to build on an ever-increasing selection of features and options for the needs of our customers with exceptional quality products and service.

Model: HHS-513-2039
Updated for 2108
 Model: PHTT-2DR-6SL-2

Brand New Product

FWE will be located in the South Hall Click to view the 2018 Floorplan.

Click Here download and install the Mobile App for the NRA Show. Apps available for Apple and Android users.

Press Release

More Kitchen Solutions for Compact Operations

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) kicked off 2016 with the a system of smaller, efficient Cook & Hold Ovens, Heated Holding “Hot Box” Cabinets and Precision Humidity Controlled solutions.

Egg Rolls

Designed for Point-of-Purchase (POP) at convenience stores and chain restaurants, these models are also perfect for “on-the-go” operations.

FWE’s latest advancement of  Low Temperature Cook & Hold Oven (LCHR-1220-4) is sized perfectly for smaller volume operations or volume servers who require constant replenishment.  It fits well in countertop use or built-in applications. Size, controls, construction and weight make this solution one of the easiest to operate and maintain.


This versatile and compact oven keeps product moist and juicy for greater yield while retaining more flavor.  Once the cooking process is finished, the same LCHR oven can automatically switch into “holding mode” to keep products hot and delicious for hours.


As with all Food Warming Equipment, this compact Cook and Hold oven is built sturdy and is highly mobile.  They are perfect solution for on-site or off-premise events and do not require a hood for ventilation.

Look details on additional FWE equipment that is designed to provide kitchen solutions for compact operations in upcoming months.

For more information,
contact FWE 800-333-4393

Applications and Niche Markets

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Kitchen Solution

At Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE), we love to hear back from our customers to see how our equipment improves their day-to-day operations!

Food Bank Banner0

We are especially grateful to hear from our customers who work to make a positive impact in their community. That’s why, when we heard from our customers at The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (FBEM), we jumped at the opportunity to see how our equipment was helping to feed thousands of children each day!

Executive Chef,  Joe Gerlach

Behind the Scenes:

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan was founded in 1981 and has grown to partner with more than 400 hunger relief agencies that serve the more than 300,000 hungry people in Eastern Michigan. FBEM Director of Culinary Services, Craig Brown turned to FWE for reliable kitchen equipment when their organization partnered with the Michigan Head Start Program.

As part of this new program, FBEM will be cooking and sending close to 3,000 meals to students across Eastern Michigan every day. They were searching for holding cabinets to not only keep the food warm, but healthy and favorable too!

RH-6 Commercial Retherm Oven

Problem and Solution:

Cooking and storing over 3,000 meals a day can be tricky – that’s where FWE came in! The situation at the FBEM presented a unique opportunity for our team because they required large bulk food retherming equipment that was both versatile and affordable. It also had to fit into their existing infrastructure – meaning, it had to be ventless.

With that in mind, we worked with Craig and his team to fit their facilities with nine FWE Retherm Ovens (model, RH-6). The versatility behind these ovens allows the schools to prepare hot meals in advance without having to purchase a hood, which because of the price, would have halted the entire program. FWE’s ventless cooking alternatives are the perfect option for those hoping to upgrade their equipment without overhauling their entire kitchen.

Food Bank Banner2Above & Beyond:

We didn’t just set up our equipment and leave; we’re with our customer from start to finish! With assistance from Acosta’s Master Chef Kevin Gawronski and FBEM Chef Joe Gerlach, we helped develop a restructured menu that could be perfectly executed with the new FWE equipment. Since implementing our equipment and participating in the Michigan Head Start Program, Chef Joe has noticed their new FWE equipment was having other benefits outside of food quality alone:

“This food is not only feeding the children, they are using it as a learning tool for such things as manners and etiquette,” explained Chef Joe.

“Each student learns where and how to properly place their napkins, plates, forks, and spoons, before enjoying their family style lunch each day.”

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FWE has “Pole Position” at NAFEM – 2015


NASCAR and Formula 1 fans know the importance of achieving pole position in any race.  Along with that right, to be at the head of the pack, for all to see, and a leader that sets the pace for others to follow.

NAFEM 2015 Banner

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) is excited about our new pole position, right at the entrance of the National Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show, next February, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.  Booth #4800, if that matters.

NAFEM is the leading trade association for the foodservice equipment and supply industry.  They are the industry leaders, trendsetters and professionals.  They are the creators of the Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) certification program and, of course, the NAFEM Show itself.  The NAFEM Show brings together the most influential and widest range of foodservice equipment and supply professionals on the planet where the latest in foodservice technology and solutions is featured for the ever-changing demands of the foodservice industry.

FWE has earned this premium position with over 60 years of experience in the industry, crafting solutions, successfully across a broad base of customers and markets.  FWE has established itself as a leader in Heated Mobile Banquet Carts and Cabinets and continues to innovate and branch out into related territories including mobile bars and beverage carts, air screen mobile refrigeration, retherm ovens, cook & hold ovens, and a whole host of specialty solutions that others won’t touch.  FWE recognizes the value of the special opportunities and custom requests which separates us from the rest.

Register today for the NAFEM Show and we’ll be right there when you walk in.

And don’t forget to stay an extra day and close off the event at the after-show party and dinner on February 21st .  A night with a live concert with the Zac Brown Band.


Does it even matter what your booth number is when you are right at the entrance of one of the largest and most influential foodservice trade shows in the world?



FWE at NRA 2013 Expo – Chicago, IL

Booth 4410 at the NRA 2013 Expo
Booth 4410 at the NRA 2013 Expo

FWE is here, once again, with new products and bigger opportunities.  You are invited to stop on by our Booth # 4410

Every year, over the course of four days, more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.

Do you have plans on attending this years National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show (NRA Show)?

If so what are you trying to get out of the event?

It’s a big show, so don’t miss anything. Download the NRA App for your Smartphone or Tablet now and organize your time and navigate efficiently to make your time at the show a great success.  Or follow this link that will take you to a page optimized for the Mobile Platform.

Smoker Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets being prepped for Cooking at the Show
Smoker Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets being prepped for Cooking at the Show



You are Invited! NAFEM Show Floor Reception…

 FWE Bar and Beverage PosterNEW!  NAFEM Show Floor Reception @ Booth #2222

You are invited to join us Thursday, Feb. 7 between 4 – 6 p.m.  During The NAFEM Show Floor Reception, join us for some beverages and delicious samplings of Prime Rib, Smoked Meats and Fish and other amazing offerings selected by our own Chef Nate.

Selected for this year’s WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!®    Check out the New CHSK-9, Cook and Hold Smoker (and taste the results).  We will also have a few new products including our NEW and improved Chip Warmer.  New products, improved products, new specs new Revit designs, Energy Star, NSF, UL and other compliance information and more…

NAFEM Smart Phone App

Don’t lose your way.  Find your way to our booth #2222 with the new NAFEM Smart Phone App and don’t miss out on this appetizing and cordial gathering at the Show Floor Reception.

 All-Industry Celebration (AIC)

If you are staying a day or so more, don’t forget the AIC on Saturday, Feb. 9 (between 7 – 10 p.m.) when Jimmy Buffet closes the event with a taste of Margaretville.  This even is not sold out yet but I don’t expect it to be so very long.  Book your table or seat asap.

See you there…



Illinois BBQ Alliance Presents: The First Annual Autumn Smoke

Illinois BBQ Alliance Logo
Illinois BBQ Alliance (IBBQA)

FWE / Food Warming Equipment will be here at the IBBQA’s First Annual Autumn Smoke on Monday, October 29th – 6pm – 9pm.  Next Monday at The Warehouse at Carmichael’s on 1052 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL   Brought to you by the who’s who of BBQ!

This is a fundraising event and membership drive with the added bonus of having fun, eating and talking barbecue with the Illinois BBQ community.

Your donation to IBBQA will feed five (5) people for every ticket sold.

Mingle with Barry Sorkin of Smoque, Dave Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray’s, Lee Ann Whippen of Chicago Q, and Charlie McKenna of Lillie’s Q, Gary Wiviott of Barn & Company and taste their wonderful creations!

The Autumn Smoke will feature samplings from ten of Chicago’s top BBQ restaurants. A selection of “off-menu” items will provide a unique surprise that you may not find in any of their restaurants.

Honored guests, Scottie Johnson of “Cancer Sucks” World Champion Competition BBQ team and Harry Stewart, owner of Great American Barbecue Company of Alameda, California will be speaking briefly about their experiences with charity and the craft of BBQ.

Buy Your Tickets Now and join us!  Click Here: To Sign up at Eventbrite

If you like good food BBQ and a whole lot moredon’t forget to Like us at our Facebook Page by clicking here and be sure to Click here to Follow the IBBQA on Facebook  for more new information about this event and others.

The Illinois BBQ Alliance is…
a community of barbecue friends, part of a much larger community. A community in which people occasionally need the kind of help that a group of BBQ cooks is uniquely equipped to provide.

Helping to feed people In need…
when natural disasters strike. Large groups of people are often without food, water, or shelter for extended periods while cities and towns rebuild their infrastructures and families rebuild their lives. And while aid organizations exist to try to bring essential supplies, none may be as well-equipped to feed masses of people as a group of BBQers. With their catering trucks, mobile rigs, and cooking expertise, a small team of well-coordinated BBQers can feed tens of thousands of people in need.

We want to be there…
for communities and individuals in need of some help. Whether that is a warm meal or a smiling face, we believe that we can provide a little relief, help meet basic needs, and offer moral support wherever it is needed most.

That’s the stuff that makes a community great. Please join us.

Buy Your Tickets Now and join us!  Click Here: To Sign up at Eventbrite


IBBQA Autumn Smoke Attendees
IBBQA Autumn Smoke Attendees

FWE Cook and Hold Smoker for Release, early 2012


The CHSK series of Cook-and-Hold Ovens, which launch in the new year, includes a 2 stage smoker that offers a light 15- minute or a standard one- to two- hour smoke.  The units feature the longest burn time in the industry without requiring a wood chip refill, and the airflow performance ensures even airflow when convection baking roasting braising and holding without hotspots.  –  Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine November 2011



Press Release

FWE Proves They've Got What It Takes

Stop by Booth #4051 at the NRA Show to see what it takes to run your foodservice operation more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.  FWE will have a representative sampling of their entire line on hand to demonstrate their capabilities in cooking, holding, transporting, refrigerating, and serving.

Among the featured products will be full size and half size Bulk Food Heated Holding Cabinets, the Clymate IQ Heated & Humidified Holding Cabinet, Heated Banquet Carts, Mobile Refrigerator/Freezers, NSF Portable Bars, and Machine Stands.  FWE’s Pizza Holding Cabinets will also be featured at the show with attention getting graphic wraps (featured in photo) that are designed to market and sell pizza while it keeps food warm.

Press Release

Reduce Food Shrinkage – Improve Food Flavor

Low Temperature Cook & Hold (LCH) Ovens from FWE use radiant and gentle air circulation to provide the best possible food flavor without overcooking or dehydration.  The end results are juicy meats that require no browning agents, vegetables that are rich in color and nutrition, breads, rolls, pies & cookies that brown evenly, and overall better food quality, taste, and appearance.

Designed to accommodate a variety of trays and pans, FWE’s LCH Ovens allow venting of humidity to adjust food moisture to specific conditions.  These ovens automatically switch from cook mode to lower holding temperature as needed.  An easy to operate control panel offers choice of cooking by product probe or time, and separate temperature displays for cook and hold modes.  Quality all stainless steel welded construction, polyurethane casters, and heavy-duty door latches and hinges are featured on all 6 LCH Oven models from FWE.  Each oven also offers low energy usage, and lower associated labor costs.