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FWE brings more solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services

More variety in our latest radiant Heated Holding Shelf (HHS).
Solutions for Take-Out and Online Food Ordering Services.
Recently introduced, Food Warming Equipment (FWE) now offers more variety in radiant heated holding shelving solutions with new styles and features.
  • New control features.
  • New Sizes & New Styles available.
  • Explore New Colors with powder coating.

The HHS series of radiant heated shelving was designed to address the needs of Grab-and-Go and Take-Out operations. Perfect for fast-food chains, Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants.

The HHS promises to be a great solution to address the challenges of restaurants adopting new processes for online meal delivery services like; Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and other custom mobile apps. This can provide an organized, clean, dedicated place to locate finished orders where customers and foodservice operators can access hot meals quickly and efficiently.

Now available in various sizes and styles. We’re sure to find the right fit for almost any application.

Model: HHS-413-2039
 Model: HHS-413-2039

This is the best way to keep hot foods such as; panini sandwiches, flat breads, pitas or Italian beef (bottom bagged) warm.  Since heat radiates from below, it allows colder (top bagged items) product such as pickles and salads to stay cooler.

Click Here for more detailed information on features and options.

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Drawer Warmers, among the many new products from FWE

The new series of FWE Drawer Warmers employs the same Precision Holding Temperature Technology (PHTT)  found in all of our best selling Clymate IQ® series of cabinets.

  • Available soon, a selection of single, double or multiple drawer versions.
  • Already, FWE has many designs of several styles to accommodate the standard 12″ x 20″ shallow pans, and pans up to 6″ deep.
  • Standard and Side Load designs allow for narrow or shallow openings against walls and counters in the kitchen.
  • All stainless and built with the commercial durability you have come to expect and depend on with FWE products.
Warming drawers hold vegetables, potatoes and pasta hot, moist and flavorful. Stage hot beef, pork, poultry, and fish and retain flavorful juices at the precise temperature and humidity. Add product to the grill or pan for a quick sear and finish before plating.
Good for concession stands, convenience stores, quick service restaurants, bistros & cafes, cafeterias, country clubs, nightclubs & bars.
Check out the latest new and improved products and designs fwe has to offer at

Call (800) 222-4393 to speak to an FWE Foodservice Professional. 
Or Email             (800)222-4393  

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FWE Showcases New Products at the 2018 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show

You are invited to join FWE at Booth #3813 for the 2018 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show beginning Saturday, May 19th through Tuesday, May 22nd at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

FWE will showcase several New Products and have updates on new features and options for existing lines of Cook & Hold, Hot Holding, Banqueting, Refrigeration, Mobile Bars and much more. 

Food Warming Equipment Co. continues to build on an ever-increasing selection of features and options for the needs of our customers with exceptional quality products and service.

Model: HHS-513-2039
Updated for 2108
 Model: PHTT-2DR-6SL-2

Brand New Product

FWE will be located in the South Hall Click to view the 2018 Floorplan.

Click Here download and install the Mobile App for the NRA Show. Apps available for Apple and Android users.

Company Promotion

2017 School Foodservice Essentials – Special Offer

FREE Accessory Upgrades are now available

The School Nutrition Association ANC 2017 is here and your solutions for essential foodservice equipment have just arrived.  This is your opportunity to custom configure, from available accessories, to suit  your specific needs at no extra cost to you.   CLICK HERE to view more.

If you are attending the 2017 SNA Annual National Conference (ANC) in Atlanta, Georgia this week, please visit us at BOOTH # 1642 and check out our models, on hand, for Essential for School Foodservice.

FREE Accessory Upgrades are now available, for a limited time, on Universal Heated Holding Cabinets and Humidified Holding Cabinets. Take advantage of our Special Offer before it expires on September 30th, 2017. CLICK HERE to view for more details or contact  FOOD WARMING EQUIPMENT CO. (FWE) directly to speak with a School Foodservice specialist to see what works best for you.

Holds 12″ x 20″ pans and
18″ x 26″ sheet trays
Click here for Specs

Holds 12″ x 20″ pans and
18″ x 26″ sheet trays
Click here for Specs             (800)222-4393  
Trade Shows and Expos

Join FWE for an event with a fresh perspective at the NRA Show 2016 & International Foodservice Marketplace

Join us, FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. (FWE) at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 4 day event being held from 21st May to the 24th May 2016 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago at Booth #2209 for the 2016 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.



Get up close and personal with our custom product specialists who are preparedto provide solutions and resources to help your organization succeed.

Highly mobile, extremely durable and built for your needs in mind.  FWE prides itself on specialty and custom solutions that others won’t touch and recognizes the value of the special opportunities and custom requests which separates us from the rest.

With over 60 years of experience, crafting foodservice solutions across a broad base of applications, customers and markets, FWE has established itself as a leader in Heated Mobile Banquet Carts and Cabinets. Continuously awarded Best in Class by Consultants, FWE continues to innovate and branch out into related territories including retherm ovens, cook & hold ovens, beverage carts, mobile bars and air screen mobile refrigeration.

“Get outside of your comfort zone and learn about a new facet of foodservice from experts from across the industry. Immerse yourself in discussions about hot trends and topics. Leave the Show with a fresh perspective.” – National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2016



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FWE has Special Offers that you can’t afford to ignore

Select an upgrade from a list of features and options for each model when ordering to receive that upgrade for FREE!1 Special Offer Content image

Save hundreds of dollars in custom features and options. Contact FWE today to obtain pricing and availability on Hot Boxes, Banquet Cabinets, Transport Carts, Humidified Holding Cabinets and Ovens.

We have selected several of our most popular models to choose from, specific for Banqueting, Hospitality and Catering.

Beautiful, Bountiful Banquets!

Whether you’re feeding 40 or 4,000, FWE’s Hot Box and Banquet Carts are at the heart of every banquet operation.

FWE offers the greatest number of stock selections, custom features and options.

With over 600 hot box solutions on hand, FWE has a cabinet for your application.  Just call us today and we will work with you to determine what you really need.

Hold and Transport Anything

Keep bulk foods flavorful and savory for hours and keep product as hot and crispy (or moist) as desired.  Our custom selection of caster wheels allow for transport over almost any terrain.

FWE’s Universal Humi-Temp Servers (UHS) are among the most versatile solutions and best performing heated bulk food cabinets on the market today.

UHS cabinets fit a wide variety of sizes in trays, pans and racks. Stocked with a unique set of adjustable tray slides and uprights, you can hold almost any combination of trays and pans.  Making this a truly universal solution for banquets and buffets. 800-222-4393


Applications and Niche Markets Company Promotion Email

Smoking and BBQ Continue to Trend…

Be prepared to deliver that smoked flavor on your signature dishes. Hold your product better than ever before with FWE’s system of
Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions and accessories.image001

Best in Class 2015free shipping bannerDeliver the signature smoke flavor customers demand. Hold product with the stable, consistent heat of FWE’s Smoke, Cook and Hold solutions.

Holding smoked products in a Clymate IQ (with precision humidity control) will have customers enjoying that “fresh from the pit” savory flavor and texture. Perfect every time.

FWE also provides the perfect accessories for smoke, cook and hold applications with all the above models!

Also, check out these accessories.

Press Release

More Kitchen Solutions for Compact Operations

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) kicked off 2016 with the a system of smaller, efficient Cook & Hold Ovens, Heated Holding “Hot Box” Cabinets and Precision Humidity Controlled solutions.

Egg Rolls

Designed for Point-of-Purchase (POP) at convenience stores and chain restaurants, these models are also perfect for “on-the-go” operations.

FWE’s latest advancement of  Low Temperature Cook & Hold Oven (LCHR-1220-4) is sized perfectly for smaller volume operations or volume servers who require constant replenishment.  It fits well in countertop use or built-in applications. Size, controls, construction and weight make this solution one of the easiest to operate and maintain.


This versatile and compact oven keeps product moist and juicy for greater yield while retaining more flavor.  Once the cooking process is finished, the same LCHR oven can automatically switch into “holding mode” to keep products hot and delicious for hours.


As with all Food Warming Equipment, this compact Cook and Hold oven is built sturdy and is highly mobile.  They are perfect solution for on-site or off-premise events and do not require a hood for ventilation.

Look details on additional FWE equipment that is designed to provide kitchen solutions for compact operations in upcoming months.

For more information,
contact FWE 800-333-4393

Press Release

Hot Box Solutions for Compact Operations

FWE introduces the Newest Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet (HLC-PSGN-5).  In a continuing series of new, smaller and more efficient Cook & Hold Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets that are designed for “on-the-go” operations.

As with all Food Warming Equipment (FWE) solutions, this counter-top unit is built sturdy and made to last with frequent handling and use.  Highly mobile and transportable, this cabinet is perfect for on-site or off-premise events as well counter-top accesss and  and holds 12” x 20” pans, 18” x 13” trays and Gastronorm containers and pans.   HLC-PSGN-5_Points

FWE’s HLC-PSGN-5 Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet is designed for high volume chains and convenience stores that require pre-load and constant replenishment of food throughout the day.

Uniform, radiant heat, with light airflow throughout, gently surrounds food, keeping it hot and ready-to-serve for hours. Your choice of options for the HLC-PSGN-5 includes handles, pedestal legs or casters that make the cabinet highly transportable.

Like all FWE cabinet and oven solutions, heavy-duty all stainless steel construction stands up to the most demanding environments.

For more information,
contact FWE 800-333-4393