FWE at Pizza Expo 2014

FWE at Pizza Expo 2014
FWE at the 2014 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas

For 15 years now, FWE has been a supporter and regular attendee of the International Pizza Expo and the time is here again.

We ask you to join us again, at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 24-27 at Booth# 1947 and help us celebrate 30 years of Pizza Shows.  

For the last 30 years “The Largest Pizza Show in the World” has been the epicenter of trends, technology, news and info.  The Pizza Show is every bit a part of the conversation on what is happening now and where the industry is headed in the future.

It’s All About You!   

From the largest chains to the Mom and Pop startups, FWE recognises the challenges that pizza operators face.  We focus on them, knowing that the solutions will be found.  Solutions, that provide a better value, safety and labor savings in the kitchen.  

At FWE / Food Warming Equipment, our Pizza Holding Cabinets will bring your orders to whole new level, allowing you to provide that “straight from the oven freshness” for longer than you ever imagined.

It’s your vision and your experience that we embrace in order to design more efficient equipment.  At FWE it’s all about you and it always has been.

Get in touch, stop on by our Booth# 1947 at the International Pizza Expo, check out our Website at, or call us at 800-222-4393 and see what our professionals  at FWE can do for you.

Click here  for the Official Show Guide  and schedule your attendance for many of the keynote speeches, demonstrations and seminars that the Pizza Show will dish up this year.



Pizza Wars… New York style vs. Chicago Deep-Dish

So now, what’s all this New York vs. Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza thing all about?

It doesn’t matter to us.  FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. has the right Pizza Holding Cabinet for you.

In the immortal words of Mic Jagger, “Why are we fighting… come on.”  These sentiments ring true today as they did at Altamont in 1969.

Any Pizza, Any Topping and FWE will keep it hot, crisp and oven fresh.  It’s all good, New York Style Pizza, Chicago Deep-Dish (AKA “cheese and sausage casserole, tomato soup in a bread bowl pizza” to New Yorkers), super thin cracker crust or ultra thick crust with cornmeal.  Let’s talk toppings,  like sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers, or throw the whole garden at it…. It doesn’t matter what you bake, box and serve.  Pizza is delicious!  But unless you’re in college, waking up from a party last night, no one wants their pizza cold.  FWE’s Pizza Holding Cabinets are here to help.

Chicago Deep-Dish Controversy
Chicago Deep-Dish Controversy

I’m pretty sure it is our Bill of Rights that… ”All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are fresh hot pizza!”  If it isn’t, it should be.  One nation United and Oven Fresh Hot Pizza for all!  There’s nothing more american than Italian Pizza, however you cook it. (invoking Poe’s Law on this one)

Buy your Pizza Holding Cabinets at FWE.  I’m out!   *drops mic*

First volley, Jon Stewart rants on Chicago Deep-Dish

Giordano’s Responds to Jon Stewart

Lou Malnati’s Response to Jon Stewart

Strife of Pie – A Pizza Truce


FWE Custom Pizza Wraps Make Holding Pizza Look Good

As seen in the Products section of the May issue of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine, FWE custom pizza wraps make holding pizza look good.

Stop by FWE Booth #4051 and see the custom pizza wraps as well as a variety of equipment from the broad FWE product line.


Press Release

FWE Proves They've Got What It Takes

Stop by Booth #4051 at the NRA Show to see what it takes to run your foodservice operation more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.  FWE will have a representative sampling of their entire line on hand to demonstrate their capabilities in cooking, holding, transporting, refrigerating, and serving.

Among the featured products will be full size and half size Bulk Food Heated Holding Cabinets, the Clymate IQ Heated & Humidified Holding Cabinet, Heated Banquet Carts, Mobile Refrigerator/Freezers, NSF Portable Bars, and Machine Stands.  FWE’s Pizza Holding Cabinets will also be featured at the show with attention getting graphic wraps (featured in photo) that are designed to market and sell pizza while it keeps food warm.