We've Got What it Takes – Clymate IQ® Holding Cabinets and Retherm Ovens for Schools

As seen on the CSI Food Pro website, FWE has Got What it Takes for school foodservice operations to run more efficiently and effectively. FWE’s Clymate IQ® Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet and Retherm Ovens help schools prepare and serve hot meals on time.   

The FWE Clymate IQ®  Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet keeps food at optimum serving temperatures through peak serving periods. Portable and easy to use, it is perfect for short-term staging and extended holding times, eliminating hot and cold spots with minimal operator involvement.

FWE Retherm Ovens prepare large volumes of product and serve has a holding cabinet once the food has reached the set cook time or temp by use of an automatic hold feature. Operators load product and are free to walk away until they are ready to serve. FWE Retherm ovens are available in a variety of sizes for use with trays, pans, baskets and roll in rack applications.    


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