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FWE has Special Offers that you can’t afford to ignore

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Save hundreds of dollars in custom features and options. Contact FWE today to obtain pricing and availability on Hot Boxes, Banquet Cabinets, Transport Carts, Humidified Holding Cabinets and Ovens.

We have selected several of our most popular models to choose from, specific for Banqueting, Hospitality and Catering.

Beautiful, Bountiful Banquets!

Whether you’re feeding 40 or 4,000, FWE’s Hot Box and Banquet Carts are at the heart of every banquet operation.

FWE offers the greatest number of stock selections, custom features and options.

With over 600 hot box solutions on hand, FWE has a cabinet for your application.  Just call us today and we will work with you to determine what you really need.

Hold and Transport Anything

Keep bulk foods flavorful and savory for hours and keep product as hot and crispy (or moist) as desired.  Our custom selection of caster wheels allow for transport over almost any terrain.

FWE’s Universal Humi-Temp Servers (UHS) are among the most versatile solutions and best performing heated bulk food cabinets on the market today.

UHS cabinets fit a wide variety of sizes in trays, pans and racks. Stocked with a unique set of adjustable tray slides and uprights, you can hold almost any combination of trays and pans.  Making this a truly universal solution for banquets and buffets. 800-222-4393



Banqueting Season is here!



FWE / Food Warming Equipment is here to supply you with your last minute needs.



Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The time is now to start making selections on Banquet Cabinets andFood Warming Equipment for holiday parties and formals.

Call us now at 800-222-4393 to get a quote and consult on the right equipment for your application.

FWE has you covered.  Click here for a list of our Quick Ship products,including several Banquet Carts and Heated Holding Cabinets.

Call us now at 800-222-4393 and see why we are rated Best in Class by Consultants for Mobile Hot Food Holding Equipment or email us