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More ENERGY STAR® products from FWE

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE), adding 

More Heated Holding Mobile Carts to its ENERGY STAR® lineup.

MTU-12D Dutch Door Energy Star Approved
Moisture-Temp MTU-12D Dutch Door is Energy Star Approved

ENERGY STAR® is the trusted symbol for energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR® label was created to reduce pollutants, carcinogens and greenhouse gas emissions by the inefficient use of energy.

With even more specially configured access utilizing Pass Through and Dutch Door designs, customers may now purchase any number of FWE’s most popular Heated Holding Mobile Cabinet solutions, knowing with full confidence that they have now been awarded a certificate of compliance to meet ENERGY STAR® standards.

These new configurations are now part of the growing stable of FWE products that include top selling Heated Holding Carts and Cabinet solutions which have earned the privilege of displaying the ENERGY STAR® logo.  Pass Through access (doors on front and back) are one of the most popular configurations FWE can provide on the Universal Heated Server UHS12, Moisture-Temp MTU12 , and the PHU12 Heated Proofer cabinet.

The Dutch Door design puts two doors on one compartment (upper and lower).  This will dramatically reduce heat loss when opening the cabinet to access trays, pans or plated food inside.  Less initial heat loss means quicker recovery to set temperature keeping overall temperature and moisture within a tighter range.  This translates into energy savings and assures that food is kept at the proper, consistent temperature without drastic drops in heat and no loss of quality.

ENERGY STAR® recognition is an indicator to consumers wishing to meet standards that help save money and protect the environment.  Consumers, using FWE’s ENERGY STAR® Heated Holding cabinets, can now purchase and deploy energy efficient products that operate with energy efficiency.   Consumers know, with certainty, that these products will provide savings on energy bills without a sacrifice to features and performance.

FWE products earn the ENERGY STAR® label by meeting the rigorous series of tests and standards set forth in ENERGY STAR® program requirements.   The United States EPA establishes these specifications on the a set of key guiding principles which include, “significant energy savings nationwide”, “deliver the features and performance… addition to increased energy efficiency”, “product energy consumption and performance… verified”, and more.

EnergyStar-UL-ConformanceFWE products have always been built with high standards for durability and quality of performance which ensure that there is no tradeoff between the energy efficiency and overall performance customers have come to expect.

The use of quality insulation from top to bottom reduces heat loss from the base and other areas prone to leaking.  Tight seals and precision bends are conducive to reducing heat loss and make for even heat distribution and humidity containment.  Excellent controls, electronics and sensors also make for precision adjustments to maintain temperatures within an exceptionally tight range.

For case studies, applications and how ENERGY STAR® affects you click here for more information at the ENERGY STAR website.   To view more FWE models that are ENERGY STAR® compliant search the UL Site here for Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc.

FWE recognizes the challenges compliance and standards that many of our customers face.  We focus on them, knowing that solutions will be found… solutions that provide better value, safety, and energy savings.  It’s your vision and your experience that we embrace in order to design more efficient equipment.  At FWE, it’s all about you.  It always has been.

Call FWE us now at 800-222-4393 to speak with one of our foodservice specialists and help us design a solution that’s right for you.

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Applications and Niche Markets Customer Highlight

FWE is the choice of Professionals and Kings!

After a long hard winter for many, the long awaited warmth of summer creeps up on the Northern US and Canada, delivering the smell of flowers, cut grass and outdoor grilling.
The beginning of summer also ushers in a frenzied time of activity for many Food Warming Equipment (FWE) customers that rely on food trucks, festivals and Champion BBQ events across the Nation.
0 BBQ King with MTU-12

Among these Pit Master Champions, are the folks at The BBQ King Smokehouse, who we met with yesterday, to help get his mobile operation in high gear as he meets the demand for an extraordinarily busy season.

5 BBQ King Jason Szmurlo with Chef Nate
BBQ King, Jason Szmurlo and Chef Nate

With only one day left to go, Jason Szmurlo, owner of The BBQ King Smokehouse, leads his battalion of employees and vehicles to serve up Ribs, Pulled Pork and other favorites for the hard core smoke lov’n attendees at the 16th Ribfest Chicago .  Averaging 50,000 pounds of pork and anticipating over 60,000+ attendees, who look forward to kicking off summer at this grand three-day event on June 6th, 7th, and 8th at the Ribfest Chicago, known for hosting the titans of the BBQ pit.  Located in the heart of Chicago, on Lincoln/Damen/Irving Park, everyone will see what makes the BBQ King the monarch above all other BBQ

6 BBQ King Food Truck
Inside Operation (Pending MTU-12 install on right)

Szmurlo is a long time, road hardened veteran of the festival and BBQ champion circuit.  With a string of successes, measured in an impressive series of trophies and awards, he finally opened up his first brick and mortar restaurant and settled down in Woodstock, IL.  Jason’s operation now provides some of the best BBQ year round to demanding BBQ aficionados and this booming business couldn’t be better.  The BBQ King Smokehouse plans to expand into new avenues of merchandising, including sauces and rubs.



With a few of FWE’s highly mobile Moisture Temp Heated Holding Cabinets pulling duty in both the kitchen restaurant and deployed in his mobile operation, FWE will be there to help Jason deliver on the quality that makes The BBQ King true champions.

7 BBQ King Panoramic with MTU-12


8 MTU-12 Service
Servicing the MTU-12

Putting in some final touches and maintenance on a couple MTU-12 (Moisture-Temp  Heated Holding Cabinet) units before it goes into the Mobile Kitchen and hits the road.

The MTU-12 and all other FWE mobile equipment is built from a solid frame up. FWE cabinets are built tough using stainless steel throughout.  Welded construction and our exclusive tubular stainless steel base frame ensure that our cabinets will withstand rigorous, demanding use and transport.  This includes the exposure to the stress and tension of constantly being on the road.

9 MTU-12 LockDown
Optional undercarriage Lock-Down keeps mobile equipment solidly in place

Just one of many solutions FWE offers offer in sizes, capacities and features to fit any operation. Contact us through our website, or call our team today at 800-222-4393 for assistance.  Allow FWE help you provide a special solution for your application. Make your choice FWE. . .   At FWE it’s all about you.

BBQ King's Ford Chariot
The BBQ King’s Ford Chariot
Where the Action Happens
Where the Action Happens