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Join FWE for an event with a fresh perspective at the NRA Show 2016 & International Foodservice Marketplace

Join us, FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. (FWE) at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 4 day event being held from 21st May to the 24th May 2016 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago at Booth #2209 for the 2016 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.



Get up close and personal with our custom product specialists who are preparedto provide solutions and resources to help your organization succeed.

Highly mobile, extremely durable and built for your needs in mind.  FWE prides itself on specialty and custom solutions that others won’t touch and recognizes the value of the special opportunities and custom requests which separates us from the rest.

With over 60 years of experience, crafting foodservice solutions across a broad base of applications, customers and markets, FWE has established itself as a leader in Heated Mobile Banquet Carts and Cabinets. Continuously awarded Best in Class by Consultants, FWE continues to innovate and branch out into related territories including retherm ovens, cook & hold ovens, beverage carts, mobile bars and air screen mobile refrigeration.

“Get outside of your comfort zone and learn about a new facet of foodservice from experts from across the industry. Immerse yourself in discussions about hot trends and topics. Leave the Show with a fresh perspective.” – National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2016



Foodservice Consultants Press Release

“Best In Class” Again – FWE is the Consultant’s Choice For Mobile Hot Food Holding Equipment In 2015

Best In Class Award Winner

Best In Class 2015 Award Winner

For three years in a row Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) is honored to win the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S)  “MOBILE HOT FOOD HOLDING EQUIPMENT” BEST IN CLASS Award for 2015

Voted by the readership of FE&S themselves, once again FWE finds itself the recipient of “BEST IN CLASS.”

FWE offers our sincere thanks to all those consultants who voted for us in the 2015 Best in Class Study, where the publishers of FE&S had asked foodservice professionals to rate Equipment Manufacturers on a list of particular criteria including expertise, customer care and quality.

Once again we are honored and privileged to be considered and to have won.

But our Heated Holding Hot Box cabinets are just one of many essential solutions that we offer. FWE also provides professional grad equipment in Refrigeration, Cook and Hold OvensMobile Bars and other custom modified products for a wide variety of markets, applications and food product.

“It’s all about you…” is the reflection of the focus on the specific needs of hard working, experienced Consultants and decision makers that require solutions with for the increasingly complex challenges of functionality, design and compliance in today’s food handling.

By fostering relationships, our network of agencies representatives and distributors are also a valuable part of our success. We also have them to thank in their efforts to understand the needs of our end users.

See for yourself and check out the October 2015 issue of FE&S Magazine or visit FE&S here on Facebook.


Foodservice Consultants

FWE, For Custom Solutions On Your Next Project


Its All About You Campaign Image

FWE recognizes the challenges that consultants face.  We focus on your vision and work with you to develop custom solutions…

Solutions that provide better value, safety, and labor savings to your project. It’s your experience, your knowledge and your vision that we embrace in order to design efficient and durable equipment. FWE can make your sketch a reality and help construct solutions for your special requirements, integral to improving performance and flexibility.

Visit us at FWE’s NAFEM Booth #4800

See for yourself the solutions we provide for applications in healthcare foodservice, schools, stadiums, correctional, chain restaurants and so much more.

At FWE, it’s all about you. It always has been.

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2nd Year FWE Awarded Best in Class by Consultants

Once again everyone at Food Warming Equipment Co.  (FWE) wishes to thank all the consultants who took part in and voted for FWE in the FE&S Best in Class Awards for 2014.  Every year Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S) asks their subscribers, consultants, chefs, manufacturers and every kind of foodservice professionals to rate foodservice equipment manufacturers .  We are honored and privileged to be considered.

“Only a few, however, have earned the right to claim that they are truly Best in Class by consistently providing value in the ways their customers deem most important.”

Food Warming Equipment Co. has been awarded a Best in Class for the second year in a row on our “Mobile Hot Food Holding Equipment” products,  Representing only one of several markets, products and various solutions such as Refrigeration, Cook and Hold Ovens, Mobile Bars and various modified and custom products for a wide variety of applications.

FWE goes out of its way to identify and work with the specific needs of Consultants, Architects and Designers.  FWE works best with customers and creators that require more than what the standard build and takes on the complex challenges in design, volume and food handling consonantly and successfully.

Relationships matter.  Our partnerships with representatives, agencies and distributors, the best in the business, are a valuable part of our success and help foster those relationships that allow us to understand the needs of our end users.



See for yourself and check out pages 27 & 28 in the October 2014 issue of FE&S Magazine

Or visit FE&S here on Facebook.

Also, please visit us for more information and news here at FWE’s Facebook Page





Company Promotion

New* KEY PRODUCT GUIDE from FWE is here

The Paradox of Choice is not an issue in this issue…
of the Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) key products guide. Download the latest version here.

The Paradox of Choice is a recent theory popularized by American behavioral psychologist, Barry Schwartz.  Simply put, too many choices can be confusing, even detrimental to making a selection you feel satisfied with.  Combine that uncertainty with an underlying fear of making the wrong choice (another economic theory known as loss aversion) and these two factors can turn a simple purchase into some stressful decision making.

While economists and psychologists debate over the merits of these theories, one thing is for sure…  With over 60 years of product development, models, modifications and custom solutions, Food Warming Equipment Co sure has much to choose from.

To address this, we present the latest key product guide to break it down simply and liberate you from what some might consider an avalanche of choices.


The New* key product guide from Food Warming Equipment Co. is a simplified version of FWE‘s full line of foodservice equipment solutions.  Products featured in the new  key product guide have been carefully selected by popularity and functionality, and broken down into easy-to-follow sections in a concise, simple format that has been color coded for easy quick reference.


With a beautifully minimalist design, informative illustrations, side-by-side comparisons, easy to follow tips, and large detailed photos we convey in a few pages what could take hundreds of words and dozens of pages.  We have eliminated most of the technical jargon to focus on key features and address what FWE foodservice equipment can do for you by weeding down hundreds of pages from our old catalog into less than 60.   It is now even easier to drill down to our most popular Heated Holding Cabinets, Transport Carts, Cook and Hold Ovens, Mobile Refrigeration, Mobile Bars and more…

Unlike many of our competitors, Food Warming Equipment Co. offers so much more than what can be represented in a catalog alone.  FWE is still committed to offering modifications and custom solutions for almost any type heated transport & holding cabinet, mobile bar, low temp ovens and other foodservice equipment you desire by maintaining a breadth of offerings.  Solutions offered by Food Warming Equipment Co. can accommodate the particular needs required by designers, architects, consultants and end users.  It is with the help and collaboration of others that FWE keeps pushing forward with new designs and solutions for every kind of application.

PHTT_HeatedHolding_KFC_ChickenFood Warming Equipment Co. is still known throughout the industry as the go-to source that handles special situations like correctional foodservice, hospitals, stadiums and schools.  Or, custom specs for chain restaurants such as Cinnabon, Chipotle, KFC, and Walt Disney theme parks both domestic and international (among many others).  FWE will always provide specially designed cabinets and carts, throughout the world, for Hotels, Resorts and Casinos, like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

All this and more is still available to anyone who checks out the products on our website for even more solutions.  Email us by clicking here.

Allow us to help you make the right decision and speak with our professional foodservice specialists at 800-222-4393.

At FWE it’s all about you, it always has been.



Applications and Niche Markets Customer Highlight

FWE’s Foodservice Professionals Maximize Available Space at Disney

The serious businesses of foodservice demands are no fantasy here. Specifically, the challenges of Disney’s Storyteller Café at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA.

Storyteller Cafe

The specifications of a new remodel at The Storyteller Café called for new equipment and custom solutions for heated holding equipment that would take advantage of every square inch of this facility’s kitchen.  And like so many restaurants, chain operations, and high traffic facilities, this is a familiar tale of space and time.  The Storyteller Cafe’s kitchen needed to make the most use of every square inch possible, quickly.

FWE’s food warming / foodservice professionals reviewed the needs of the kitchen staff and layout and discovered that the café had a small space available under the counters in the kitchen that was not being utilized.  To maximize efficiency in a large volume kitchen such as this, FWE was able to offer the support and know-how to get the perfect heated food holding equipment into the tightest of spots. FWE knows how to adapt and improvise an all-inclusive food handling solution. FWE’s professional team of heated holding and foodservice technicians, with over 60 years in the industry, provide the problem solving ability needed to understand and deliver on the complete scope of a customer’s needs.

Lightweight, highly mobile and versatile.

Under the counter heated holding cabinets of the Handy Line Server Carts (HLC) were adapted and manufactured specifically for the Storyteller’s Café specific needs. These custom HLC carts can fit in some of the tightest spaces and perform with energy saving excellence.

Further modifications were made to alter the carts to incorporate recessed handles. With the handles now flush and nothing to catch on the workers clothing during service, this simple modification contributes to the safety of the staff. With the Heated Holding Cabinets at knee level, the cooks can quickly and efficiently grab hot food and plate it without having to move around the cramped kitchen.

Storyteller Cafe 3

FWE’s holistic and utilitarian approach makes it possible to hold food hot consistently from this once wasted space. Holding products fresher and longer allows for the efficient and safest servicing of thousands upon thousands of customers that pass through its doors. Staff members, such as the Operations Asset Manager, attested to the precision engineering of FWE equipment, “Thanks for the perfectly fitting warming boxes. FWE comes through for the customer one more time! Please pass along our thanks to everyone on your team for a great product.


FWE Awarded 2013 Best in Class by Consultants

FWE Awarded Foodservice Equipment and Suplies 2013 Best in Class by Consultants

Food Warming Equipment Co. voted "Best in Class" by Consultants
Food Warming Equipment Co. voted “Best in Class” by Consultants

FWE wishes to thank all those consultants who voted for us in the FE&S 2013 Best in Class study.  FE&S had asked foodservice professionals to rate Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers on a list of particular attributes and specialties.  We are honored and privileged to be considered.

Food Warming Equipment Co. has been awarded a Best in Class for 2013 on our “Mobile Hot Food Holding Equipment” products.  Just one of many key products and various solutions that FWE offers, such as Refrigeration, Cook and Hold Ovens, Mobile Bars and various modified and custom products for a wide variety of applications.


FWE has gone through considerable effort to focus on the specific needs of Consultants, Architects and Designers that require more than the average “cookie cutter” solution to increasingly complex challenges in volume and food handling.   Our network of Agent Reps and distributors are also a valuable part of our success in fostering relationships that help to understand the needs of our end users.

See for yourself and check out page 42 in the October 2013 issue of FE&S Magazine or visit FE&S here on Facebook.  Also, please visit us for more information and news here at FWE’s Facebook Page