Special Offers for October’s National Pizza Month

For National Pizza Month Food Warming Equipment (FWE) is offering *FREE SHIPPING on select pizza holding cabinets and equipment.

with the annual Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias issue.

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) solutions are perfect for Pizzerias, Fast-Casual Restaurants, School Foodservice, Grab & Go operations, and more.

Our solutions will keep your pies hotter, longer, while keeping that “out of the oven” crispness and savory flavor.  From the largest sports stadium and convention center to an independent fast-casual restaurant, FWE has a solution for your process.

For a limited time, FWE is offering *FREE SHIPPING on select models like our NEW line of Heated Holding Shelves, and our most popular Heated Pizza Holding Cabinets, Proofers, Display Cabinets and more.

Heated Holding Shelves

Now available for *free shipping, FWE offers a brand new line of heated holding solutions with radiant heated shelves.

The new HHS series of heated shelving was designed as a solution for the Grab-and-Go, pick-up process. Perfect for anyone serving pizza pies or pizza by the slice, as well as any variety of hot products that need to be kept warm for carry-out.  A new, optional feature can be added on that gives you the availability of independently controlled shelves. Check out the specs on this brand new line of Heated Holding Solutions for models HHS-513-2039 (5 shelf) and HHS-413-2039 (4 shelf).  

Heated Pizza Holding Cabinets

FWE is also offering *free shipping on some of our most popular Pizza Holding solutions, the TS-1633-36 Humidified Heated Holding Cabinet, holds open or boxed pizzas (up to 18 inches) and can accommodate 36 pizzas total. Heated pizza holding cabinets buy time and give operators tremendous flexibility in food production strategies.

Our smaller, portable TS-1633-14 Humidified Heat System can accommodate open or boxed pizzas (2 per rail) up to 18 inches, for a total of 14 pizza pies.

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Heated Display Cabinets

Entice your customers with the sight and aroma of hot products ready-to-go. Display cabinets are a great solution, with noticeable impact, which increases sales by putting product out in front, for easy access and impulse purchasing. Heated Display cabinets are placed at end caps, under counters or on counter tops for POS purchasing.

The FWE model HLC-1717-13 heated display cabinet stands only 37 inches high and allows users up to 13 shelves of trays and pans.

This solution allows you to have visible inventory of pizza, and other hot, fresh products. Perfect for convenience stores food courts, stadiums, and other “grab and go” operations.

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Trade Shows and Expos

Pizza Days Are Here Again!

For the Hottest, Freshest Pizza Pies. Everytime! Everywhere!  Check out our Special Offers Here.


We are only two more weeks away from the 2016 International Pizza Expo in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada!

March 8 – 10, 2016 is when Food Warming Equipment (FWE) will be showcasing the very best pizza holding solutions in the business, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #1851.


Every year pizza purveying titans from all over the world gather at the Pizza Expo to network and review the best products and services the industry has to offer and special events like  the Pizza Expo Block Party.  To keep track of all the events and workshops click here to Download the Mobile App.

The Pizza Expo is the place for independent and chain pizzeria owners and managers to one-stop shop for nearly anything needed.  Attendees can expand their knowledge on topics relevant to business success during Expo’s more than 90 seminars, workshops and baking demonstrations.

You are invited to come see the latest and best assortment of Pizza Holding Solutions in the industry.You are invited to come see the latest and best assortment of Pizza Holding Solutions in the industry.

Applications and Niche Markets Company Promotion

Wrigley Field Goes Deep Dish This Season… With Giordano’s Pizza

Built in 1914, Wrigley Field turns 100 this year.  Host to the so many concerts, events and major league legends, any Chicago Cubs fan will tell you there’s nothing like enjoying a game at the Wrigley.

Beyond the game play there are the company of friends, the beverages, and the presence of just being in such a legendary landmark.  Now, as part of a $500 million commitment to renovations and addition of new restaurants, 2014 marks the introduction of delicious Giordano’s Pizza.

Giordano’s opened in 1974 with its innovative new twist on the traditional Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and added a layer of crust to the top.  Thus creating the “stuffed” pizza.

Today Giordano’s finds itself the official pizza peddler of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.  Also, 2014 will be a year that fans of U2, Prince, Eric Clapton and Bowie will be able to enjoy the amazing flavor of hot Giordano’s Pizza.  Many, for the first time ever.

Keeping all that pizza hot and fresh for over 42,000 fans is a host of Food Warming Equipment Heated Holding Cabinets (model: TS-1633-36P).  FWE has many of decades of experience in keep the quality of flavor and freshness to the standards that people have come to expect from world class Pizzerias and Stadiums around the world.

Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said in a statement.  “This partnership is going to further enhance the fan experience and deliver signature Chicago deep-dish pizza to Cubs fans all season long.”  We, here at FWE, hope to continue being a part of this enhanced experience for the next 100 years.  

Giordano’s, is yet another example of how FWE does pizza right.

Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza

Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza Wars… New York style vs. Chicago Deep-Dish

So now, what’s all this New York vs. Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza thing all about?

It doesn’t matter to us.  FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. has the right Pizza Holding Cabinet for you.

In the immortal words of Mic Jagger, “Why are we fighting… come on.”  These sentiments ring true today as they did at Altamont in 1969.

Any Pizza, Any Topping and FWE will keep it hot, crisp and oven fresh.  It’s all good, New York Style Pizza, Chicago Deep-Dish (AKA “cheese and sausage casserole, tomato soup in a bread bowl pizza” to New Yorkers), super thin cracker crust or ultra thick crust with cornmeal.  Let’s talk toppings,  like sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers, or throw the whole garden at it…. It doesn’t matter what you bake, box and serve.  Pizza is delicious!  But unless you’re in college, waking up from a party last night, no one wants their pizza cold.  FWE’s Pizza Holding Cabinets are here to help.

Chicago Deep-Dish Controversy
Chicago Deep-Dish Controversy

I’m pretty sure it is our Bill of Rights that… ”All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are fresh hot pizza!”  If it isn’t, it should be.  One nation United and Oven Fresh Hot Pizza for all!  There’s nothing more american than Italian Pizza, however you cook it. (invoking Poe’s Law on this one)

Buy your Pizza Holding Cabinets at FWE.  I’m out!   *drops mic*

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