Congratulations to Ricardo Chapa & Patrick Dougan our latest ‘Extra Mile Award’ Winners!

Ricardo Chapa & Patrick Dougan Earn Award for Their Hard Work & Commitment to FWE

Ricardo Chapa

Ricardo Chapa Holding His Extra Mile Award
Ricardo Chapa Holding His Extra Mile Award

Arturo Perez nominated Ricardo for the Extra Mile Award.  Arturo says “No matter what you ask Ricardo to do, he eagerly tackles the job and gets it done.  Even if it is cutting insulation (which no one likes to do) or crawling under the shear to clean and lubricate it, he does it and doesn’t complain.  For these reasons he is someone I can always count on.” Since he started on 1/25/16, Ricardo has worked in Door Assembly, served as an Expeditor, and for the last four months has worked in Final Assembly on the Blue Line. For his efforts, I want to nominate Ricardo for FWE’s Extra Mile Award.

Patrick Dougan

Patrick Dougan Holding His Extra Mile Award
Patrick Dougan Holding His Extra Mile Awar

Patrick started at FWE on 6/11/12 as a temp helping Geoff Buhrow with painting the new facility, which makes him the very 1st individual hired at Portland.  After 4 months as a temp, he was hired fulltime on 10/15/12.  During his tenure, Patrick has worked in numerous areas, doing whatever he was asked to do.  His first position was Polishing/Deburr/De-tab.  Later he moved to Production Floater where he probably helped every department at one time or another.  In May of 2016, Patrick found a new home in Small Parts Assembly in Electrical.  For his versatility and willingness to tackle any job, he is well deserving of the Extra Mile Award.

Please help us congratulate Ricardo & Patrick on their awards!

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