Earth Day 2015 – It’s Our Turn To Lead…

In taking action to protect the environment — we can make a difference as every action counts!

In FWE’s effort to reduce greenhouse emissions, a larger understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became apparent. CSR is an effort to make a significant contribution towards sustainability and competitiveness, an integrated social and environmental concept in lowering a carbon footprint of a company. FWE is proud to be a socially responsible corporate enterprise by reducing the company’s overall impact on the environment through the reduction of natural resources and energy, as well as strong recycling and other efforts.

To learn how we are doing business differently to impact our communities in a socially responsible way, as well as ways you can help, view our plan of action on our Community & Sustainability page at

Company-wide, FWE is actively looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and favorably impact our products and environment. Make an effort to support Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) companies and consider a lower carbon footprint lifestyle.

Did you know, for example, the burning and clearing of tropical forests is a major – though often unrecognized – source of greenhouse gas emissions? It accounts for roughly 16% of total global yearly emissions, more than the yearly emission all of the world’s cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes combined. Please consider in joining us in “Protect an Acre” with Conservation International, a global non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible and sustainable care for nature, and the well-being of humanity.

estarequipAs part of our commitment to sustainability and improved practices, we continue to certify more and more products to the Energy Star standard. In doing so we enable customers to make the right decisions that allow them to save money, energy, and natural resources, and meet ever increasing environmental standards. As such, Food Warming Equipment Co. is proud to display the Energy Star seal and share the products of our innovation.

Restaurants consume one-third of all retail electricity used in the world in addition to consuming a tremendous amount of gas and water as well as producing a large volume of waste. FWE engineered products help with the conservation of energy and water while typically decreasing the amount of wasted food product that would otherwise find its way into the landfills.

By producing high-quality, energy efficient industry leading products, FWE helps reduce customers’ energy costs as well as lower food costs associated with waste. FWE manufactures many Energy Star rated products and even products that are not marked with the Energy Star logo are often times meeting or exceeding those requirements. This not only helps our customers, but crosses boundaries to all that share our planet.

That is just restaurants! However, FWE manufactures kitchen equipment that are also used in hotels, resorts, hospitals, correctional facilities, schools K-12, higher education and theme parks around the world. Learn more about our Energy Star Certified Models by visiting