New Model of FWE Heated Holding with Humidity Control


Heated Holding Cabinet

* NEW Model of Clymate IQ® 

FWE will roll out its new model by introducing a new compact Precision Humidity and Temperature Technology, Heated Holding Cabinet (PHTT-1220-8). This compact unit can be safely placed on counter tops.  With a switch of legs to caster wheels this unit may be mobilized to roll under some counter tops.

Also perfect for transport, this compact heated holding cabinet can easily ship in vans and food trucks to catered events. With Precision Humidity and Temperature controls you can lock in the snap of crispy fried foods, keeping them fresher, longer, without worrying about them turning soggy or overcooked.

Come see this cart and more at the upcoming NRA Show at Chicago’s McCormick Center on May 17th – 20th. 

Call FWE for a food warming, foodservice solution specialist or dealer in your area at 800-222-4393 

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