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The holiday season is the busiest banqueting time of year, pushing your business and equipment to the limit, often leaving you in a bind when you need them the most.  FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. is your “Just In Time” source for big banqueting and holiday buffets this season!
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The Killers: Live at The 2017 NAFEM Show After-Show Party

Join Food Warming Equipment Co. at all the NAFEM events.  Come early for the Kick-Off Party and definitely stay late for the After-Show Party, Saturday, Feb. 11 Orange County Convention Center 7 – 11 p.m.

The Killers

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This post-punk alternative band formed in Las Vegas, NV back in 2001 by members Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning who originally found each other through a newspaper advert. Since their inception, The Killers have had massive success and headlined venues such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, the Hollywood Bowl and Wembley Stadium.

Their list of awards and accomplishments are extensive. With an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist under their belt, they were also nominated for three Grammies. Songs from their debut album Hot Fuss have garnered several platinum hits including; “Mr. Brightside“, “Somebody Told Me” and “All These Things That I’ve Done.”

With a sound, that is not easily defined, their music incorporates inspirations of pop theatricality along with an intense retrospective.  Since their onset in the early 2000’s they share the same inspirations of bands such as; She Wants Revenge, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse (and others of the early to mid noughties) that borrow inspirations from the likes of Oasis, The Smiths and artists such as David Bowie.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see this intimate, VIP dinner and concert performance of the band named at the World Music Awards “The World’s Best Selling New Group” in 2005.

– get your After-Show Party tickets now.

The 2017 NAFEM Show and events hosted by: North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) at 161 N. Clark St., Ste. 2020 Chicago, IL 60601 USA





Congratulations to Ricardo Chapa & Patrick Dougan our latest ‘Extra Mile Award’ Winners!

Ricardo Chapa & Patrick Dougan Earn Award for Their Hard Work & Commitment to FWE

Ricardo Chapa

Ricardo Chapa Holding His Extra Mile Award
Ricardo Chapa Holding His Extra Mile Award

Arturo Perez nominated Ricardo for the Extra Mile Award.  Arturo says “No matter what you ask Ricardo to do, he eagerly tackles the job and gets it done.  Even if it is cutting insulation (which no one likes to do) or crawling under the shear to clean and lubricate it, he does it and doesn’t complain.  For these reasons he is someone I can always count on.” Since he started on 1/25/16, Ricardo has worked in Door Assembly, served as an Expeditor, and for the last four months has worked in Final Assembly on the Blue Line. For his efforts, I want to nominate Ricardo for FWE’s Extra Mile Award.

Patrick Dougan

Patrick Dougan Holding His Extra Mile Award
Patrick Dougan Holding His Extra Mile Awar

Patrick started at FWE on 6/11/12 as a temp helping Geoff Buhrow with painting the new facility, which makes him the very 1st individual hired at Portland.  After 4 months as a temp, he was hired fulltime on 10/15/12.  During his tenure, Patrick has worked in numerous areas, doing whatever he was asked to do.  His first position was Polishing/Deburr/De-tab.  Later he moved to Production Floater where he probably helped every department at one time or another.  In May of 2016, Patrick found a new home in Small Parts Assembly in Electrical.  For his versatility and willingness to tackle any job, he is well deserving of the Extra Mile Award.

Please help us congratulate Ricardo & Patrick on their awards!

About Food Warming Equipment
Food Warming Equipment Company, (FWE) was founded in the 1940s in the suburbs of Chicago, pioneering the “HOT-SERVE” line of Food Warming & Conveying Cabinets and Portable Bars for Pepsi-Cola. The Company incorporated in 1953. FWE offers Low Temperature Cooking – Holding Ovens, Full Line of Heated Serving products and cabinets, Utility Cabinets, Mobile Refrigeration / Freezers, Portable Bars and the “PHTT”…the advanced and Intuitive Climate Control™ technology that automatically maintains the set levels of heat and humidity for short or long term holding. For more information, visit

FREE SHIPPING on Pizza Foodservice Essentials

Pizza promo 1Food Warming Equipment has now made it even easier to bring heated, pizza holding cabinet solutions to you, with FREE SHIPPING!


8_pizza_box_panFor a limited time, FWE is offering Free Shipping on select Heated Holding equipment perfect for Pizzerias, Fast-Casual Restaurants, Schools, Grab & Go operations and more. The right pizza cabinet will keep your pies hot and crisp from the first to the last, all the while maintaining that out of the oven crispness and flavor.

Click here for a PDF on all the details.

Take advantage of the savings now with your selection of these six favorite choices.

Bake Center Companion Proofer / Heaters

  • Insulated – Holds Various Size Trays, Pan and Gastro-Norm
  • This Multi-Purpose Cabinet is Built Specifically to Support the Weight of Your Convection Oven While Providing Proofing System – No Stacking Kit Required
  • Field Reversible Door – Flexible Installation Options for Kitchen Layout

Heated Display Cabinets

MODEL # HLC-1717-13
  • Holds Various Trays and Pans on 17″x17″ Shelves
  • See-Thru Lexan Door Standard on Countertop Models – Provides High Visibility for Hot & Fresh Items
  • Hold Pizza, Convenience & Merchandising Items Hot & Fresh – Perfect for Food Courts, Customer Carry-Outs and “To-Go” Operations

Heated Pizza Holding Cabinets

MODEL # TS-1633-36
  • Holds Various Pizza Pans & Boxes, 18″x26″ Trays & 18″x26″ Shelves
  • Hold Pizza Fresh & Ready To Serve, Longer than Ever Before!
  • Unique & Versatile Tray Slide Design Hold Up To Two 18” Pizza Boxes per Set of Slides
  • Available for Immediate Shipment – The TS-1633-36 is Available to Ship in 48 Hours (Quick Ship Terms & Conditions Apply)


MODEL # TS-1633-14
  • Holds Various Pizza Pans & Boxes,
  • 18″x26″ Trays & 18″x26″ Shelves
  • Humidity Can be Added to Condition Circulated Heat, Keeping Food Fresh & Hot for Hours
  • Controls are Up-Front, Easy to Read and Set, and Include a Full-Range °F/°C Thermostat for Easy Operation

Heated Holding & Proofer Cabinets

  • 5_pizza_ETC-UA-12PH

    Non-Insulated – Holds Various Size Trays, Pans and Gastro-Norm

  • Two Cabinets in One! Dual-Purpose Cabinet that Proofs & Heats – Eliminating Costly Duplication of Equipment
  • Removable Humidity Pan:
  • 12”x20” Pan Provides Large Water Reservoir – Removable, Easy to Clean and Replaceable

Heated Holding Transport Cabinets

  • MODEL # UHS-12

    Unique Design Holds 12”x20” Pans, 18”x26” Sheet Trays or GN Containers

  • Humi-Temp Heat & Humidity System Eliminates Hot & Cold Spots by Gently Circulating Hot, Moist Air Throughout the Interior of the Cabinet
  • Made for Transport – Fully Constructed of Stainless Steel, with a One Piece Tubular Welded Base Frame & Designed to Absorb Vibration & Shock During Transport
  • Available for Immediate Shipment – The UHS-12 is Available to Ship in 48 Hours (Quick Ship Terms & Conditions Apply)

F.W.E. offers an extensive variety of solutions to accommodate pizza pans and boxes from individual size up to 20” or larger.

Get the most for your money with mobile and versatile equipment for a wide variety of food products. Our heated holding hot boxes can also accommodate a greater variety of food products beyond pizza like; chicken, pizza, Italian beef, lasagna, and other pastas, panini sandwiches and garlic bread.

Call FWE today for availability at (800) 222-4393 or click here to contact us through our website. 

Caster Selection – The right wheels for your Mobile Foodservice Equipment

Caster Wheels

Tips on selecting the appropriate caster for your application

Casters are special housings that include wheels and they facilitate those wheels being attached to equipment. Many people interchange the terminology of wheels and casters as meaning the same thing and for the most part that works out to be accepted.

However, when we want to really analyze the subject of casters, it is important to break them down into all of the important components. Components such as the wheel, the tread of the wheel, the barring that make the wheel spin, the mounting plate, and even how the wheel locks and swivels are important to know and understand.

caster 2A caster is simply designed for mobility of equipment. The equipment needs to be mobile, whether it sits in a corner of a commercial kitchen and only needs to be moved for easy access for cleaning, or if it’s a large banquet cabinet that needs to be loaded onto trucks and moved to off-site locations. These two applications require different consideration when it comes to wheel tread, hubs, and bearings.

A caster that supports equipment without being moved very often can tend to get flat spots from sitting still, so a wide dense tread with bearings that require little to no maintenance is best. Adversely, equipment that will be pushed over thresholds, bumps and gravel, roll well with a soft tube-less semi-pneumatic tread, with Zerk grease lubricated raceways and bearings.

The environment the equipment is in can play a large part in your purchasing decision as well. The bulk food warming cabinet that hangs out in the corner of a commercial kitchen needs a caster that can roll on the smooth surfaces of the kitchen floor while being resistant to the cleaning agents that are used when cleaning those floors. Some applications, such as in healthcare patient meal delivery, need casters that can roll around hushed environments on equipment that must be as quiet and tranquil as possible. These delivery cabinets, in the highly sanitized healthcare facilities, are commonly spray washed inside and out. Without the properly sealed bearings, the casters will become corroded from the cleaning.

Size matters but bigger are not always better. 

If the cabinet is one that will be sliding in and out from under a counter, being sure to pick the correct size caster will be paramount in your decision. It should also be known that typically the larger the wheel diameter is the easier it will roll.

measure_casterRemember this terminology for the size of your caster;

  1. Wheel Diameter– This is the distance measured vertically from one side of the tread to the other.
  2. Overall Height – the total distance the caster raises the cart of the ground from the tread to the fastener plate.
  3. Tread Width – The distance measured laterally across the tread.

Generally, the larger the casters are, the higher the load capacity they can carry. This becomes spread out across all of the casters, so if you have typically four casters on your cabinet, you will divide your total weight across the four casters. Assuming you have a cabinet that weighs 100lbs and it has a load weight of 900lbs, your total weight would be 1000lbs. As stated before, this weight will be divided by each caster giving you a total of 250lbs per caster.

View the “Tips on Selecting Casters” by clicking here.

Credit: Chef Nate Sanford, CFSP at


Mark your calendar for the NAFEM Show 2017!

FWE at Booth #2828 NAFEM
February 9th – 11th, 2017
Orlando, Florida

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has selected the booth for the upcoming National Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show for 2017. NAFEM is scheduled for next February 9th – 11th at the Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida. Booth #2828.

FWE has solutions for all applications of foodservice operations. No matter how you prep, cook, store or serve, FWE at NAFEM will show you how you can excel. Find application-specific innovations or custom modifications you need to meet any challenge.  With our extensive experience at the core of restaurants, hotels and hospitality, FWE also has solutions in; concessions, c-stores, stadiums, schools, healthcare, correctional, municipalities and more…

Don’t forget to book early and stay late for the Kick-Off Party on Wednesday, Feb. 8 and the After-Show Party on Wednesday, Feb. 11.  Special entertainment and events to be announced shortly.

Attend The NAFEM Show for just $40 with early registration, on or before Nov. 30, 2016.

NAFEM Show is the ‘THE’ place where the business of foodservice equipment and supplies comes first. Don’t miss Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) along with over 500 exhibitors and miles of kitchen foodservice innovations, priceless connections and profitable deals… Register Today!

Please remember to select FWE on the NAFEM Show Map below:FWE at NAFEM Booth 2828

Foodable’s focus on Nashville’s Music City Project

Foodable’s latest episode of “BUILT” was made in partnership with FCSI Americas.  This latest episode is a case study in how AIA Principal of of tvsesign, Rob Svedberg, along with FFCSI consultant Michael Pantano, Design Principal of Culinary Advisers, and many more professionals and creatives behind the Music City Center Project worked in cooperation to turn this building into the pinnacle of flexibility, sustainability, and foodservice excellence.


The imperative objective in designing a foodservice facility for a convention Center is Flexibility.  One any given day the entire foodservice for the building could be dedicated to just a limited table for four, or a banquet for thousands.

In the Nashville City Center, less than 25% of the kitchen is dedicated to fixed equipment, that can not be moved, such as the equipment requiring exhaust hoods and the cooking line in general. Everything else is Mobile!

FWE at Nashville's Music City CenterThe facility is without Fixed Concession Stands or Fixed Dining areas or Food Courts and foodservice can occur anywhere within the facility.  Making it imperative to have Mobile Foodservice Solutions throughout.  Some of the FWE equipment (above) include Mobile “Hot Box” Banquet Carts and Heavy Duty “Queen Mary” Utility Carts to accommodate needed flexibility by making every meal delivery highly mobile and processes within the kitchen agile.

Food Warming Equipment models included within this project:

  • P-200-2-XL – Heated Banquet Cabinet (HotBox) can accommodate up to 200 plated meals.
  • UHS-12 – Universal Heated Holding Cabinet. One of the most versatile and best performing heated bulk food cabinets to accommodate various size trays and pans. (Electrical)
  • ETC-UA-11 – Simple Enclosed Transport that is non-heated and non-insulated.
  • UCU-72-512AL – Heavy Duty Queen Mary aluminum utility carts.


Free Shipping for Select School Foodservice Essentials

Your savings have just begun for the most versatile and best performing school foodservice cabinets on the market!

School Foodservice Special Offer and Sale


Model#  UHS-12

Model#  TS-1826-18

Model#  MTU-12

Model#  HLC-4W6-7H-28-DRN





Congratulations to Annette Kirby our latest ‘Extra Mile Award’ Winner!

Annette Kirby Earns Award for Her Hard Work & Commitment to FWE

Annette Kirby holding her Extra Mile Award!
Annette Kirby holding her Extra Mile Award!

Here at F.W.E. we have quite the mix of employees. Annette not only does her job very well, but she is quite the support person for any and all that ask for her help. This includes helping with insurance problems, legal problems, helping with shop floor, putting in for vacation, finding a place to live. You name it she will help you get it.

She does not boast about extending her assistance to others, we believe it’s just her nature and the ones she has helped truly appreciate it. We feel a little recognition goes a long way and she deserves a pat on the back for all she does.

Please help us congratulate Annette on her award!

About Food Warming Equipment
Food Warming Equipment Company, (FWE) was founded in the 1940s in the suburbs of Chicago, pioneering the “HOT-SERVE” line of Food Warming & Conveying Cabinets and Portable Bars for Pepsi-Cola. The Company incorporated in 1953. FWE offers Low Temperature Cooking – Holding Ovens, Full Line of Heated Serving products and cabinets, Utility Cabinets, Mobile Refrigeration / Freezers, Portable Bars and the “PHTT”…the advanced and Intuitive Climate Control™ technology that automatically maintains the set levels of heat and humidity for short or long term holding. For more information, visit

FWE at NRA Booth# 2209

NRA 2016 Banner

 Still located in the South Hall, FWE has relocated to Booth #2209 this year putting us closer to the entrance.  When walking into the South building we will be to the right.  Click here to view the map.

Booth 2209 MapJoin us, FWE / Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc. and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) on May 21st – 24th, in 2016 at Booth #2209 for the 2016 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

The new and improved NRA Show, mobile app for 2016, is now available for download. To get the new app, search the iTunes app store or Google Play for “NRA Show 2016”, or click here to be automatically directed to the proper download version, per your device.  With this app you can find us, other exhibitors, map your course, find educational sessions and more.   You can also search “NRA Show 2016” in your smartphone’s app store to download today.

If you wish to see the entire NRA Floor Plan Click here and be sure to sure to select the desired exhibition hall.  There you can a little better command, overall view, search and ability to interact with it.

Or click here for our location marked on the NRA Floor Plan.