FWE Sponsors "Healthy Recipes Made Easy" Webinars Series

FWE is teaming up with the not-for-profit Organic School Project (OSP) to support “Healthy Recipes Made Easy” Webinars that are targeting K-8 School Foodservice Directors, Managers, and Registered Dietitians.  The objective is to combat childhood obesity and the health complications that accompany it through an integrated program that includes healthy breakfast, lunch, and side item recipes for schools. 

Beginning in May, a series of (4) 30 minute Webinars were launched to explain the “Healthy Recipes Made Easy” curriculum and to inspire more scratch cooking in K-8 schools.  Recipes using the freshest, healthiest ingredients were provided.  One of the key objectives of these Webinars is to establish a comfort level with Foodservice Directors and Registered Dietitians in introducing these recipes and concepts into their school foodservice programs.  To that end, the Webinars cover easy, healthy recipes that address breakfast, center-of-the-plate lunch, and sides.  

As a sponsor of this healthy eating lifestyle curriculum, FWE‘s ovens and holding systems are featured in all 4 Webinars presented.  The Webinars touch upon the reduction of food and labor costs involved when using FWE foodservice equipment.

The “Healthy Recipes Made Easy” Webinars feature Greg Christian, Chef & Executive Director of OSP.  He is assisted by Jerry Herbik, a former Chartwells Foodservice Manager with over 30 years of school foodservice experience.  In conjunction with ANC, Mr. Christian will also provide live cooking demonstrations at FWE‘s Booth # 317 in June.  Be sure to stop by and learn more about “Healthy Recipes Made Easy”.

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