NEWS RELEASE- Febuary 7, 2017 New CONTROLLED VENTING for FWE Heated Holding Cabinets

Heated Holding with Precise Humidity made even better with CONTROLLED VENTING (CV)

Food Warming Equipment’s (FWE) latest advancement has taken the best Heated Holding Cabinet, with Precise Humidity regulation, and made it even better with CONTROLLED VENTING (CV).

PHTT-12-CV (Heated Holding with Humidity)

New, CONTROLLED VENTING is a feature developed by FWE for the PRECISE HUMIDITY TEMPERATURE TECHNOLOGY (PHTT) Series of Heated Holding Cabinets. The CV feature now recognizes excess moisture that is often created by the carry over cooking and holding of finished food products, loaded in a hot holding cabinet for later serving.

With applications that range from the largest fast food chain restaurants to the most secluded country roadhouse, the PHTT Series with CONTROLLED VENTING is the perfect solution for crisp food products such as breaded chicken and fish, BBQ products with bark, and prime rib or lamb with caramelization and crust.

Products fresh from the fryer or oven often release steam and additional moisture into the Heated Holding Cabinet’s environment. This can effect a change in flavor and texture, more often on products with a crisp breading, crust or smoked products with a bark. CONTROLLED VENTING evacuates any excess humidity, giving you greater command of the internal heated cabinet environment, keeping the average temperature and humidity within a tighter range of set values.

The Clymate IQ® , Heated Holding Cabinet with Precision Humidity Control (PHTT Series), takes much of guesswork out of holding foods and provides consistent, professional quality results every time. Making crisp products stay crisp and moist products stay moist. The PHTT Series with CV holds products with better color, better flavor and better texture than ever before. With the quickest temperature recovery, heat and humidity loss is greatly mitigated from exposure, while opening the cabinet repeatedly during peak servicing.

For more information, contact:

Martin Szalay | Marketing
Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc (FWE)