New Generation of Cook and Hold Ovens Lets You Load, Set & Forget!

February 16, 2015

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Curt Benson (800)222-4393

FWE has unveiled its New Generation (G2) of Low Temperature Cook and Hold (LCH) Smoker (SK) Ovens in Anaheim, California at  The NAFEM Show 2015 this week. Recently U.L. listed and certified, these new ovens feature operator-friendly controls that allow you to simply,

“Set the display, load the tray, and walk away!”

FWE’s New LCH Under-Counter Smoker Oven

Smoke – Cook – Hold:

Just pick the oven setting you need. The addition of the built-in Smoker Drawer, in the LCH-SK models, now offers the flexibility to use “low and slow” hot smoke and cold smoke methods.

Like all FWE LCH Ovens, the G2 series uses radiant heat and gentle air circulation to provide the best possible food flavor without overcooking or dehydrating and keeps product at high yield with minimal shrinkage.  The end results are juicy meats that require no browning agents, vegetables that are rich in color and nutrition, breads, rolls, pies & cookies that brown evenly, and overall better food quality, taste, and appearance.

Designed to accommodate a variety of trays and pans, these ovens automatically switch from cook mode to holding temperature as needed.  The new and improved control panel is easy for operators and offers choices of cooking by probe or time.  A simplified single knob and display is all you need to view temperatures and settings and precisely control smoke, cook, and hold modes.

The smoking feature allows anywhere from 60 minutes to a 4 hour smoke. The smoker drawer can also be easily refilled for additional smoking to provide a dark, rich, and flavorful bark for the most discerning BBQ enthusiast.

Quality all stainless steel welded construction, polyurethane casters, and heavy-duty door latches and hinges are also featured on the G2 Series of LCH Ovens from FWE. And because no special ventilation is required, these LCH Ovens can be re-positioned, mobile, and flexible.

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