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Smoker Oven, Bars, Clymate IQ - Heated Holding Cabinet

Smokin’ Hot!

FWE will feature their new line of smokin’ hot cook and hold ovens with a brand new “smoker” feature.  The CHSK Series is versatile enough to cook, hold, and smoke anything from pork to salmon to cheese, roasted potatoes or even omelets.  The ovens feature a 2-stage smoker.  The “light” stage is a quick 15 minute smoke while the “standard” stage is a longer 1 to 2 hour smoke.  The units offer the longest burn time in the industry without wood chip refill.


Hot & Cold – All in One!

The new Hot & Cold Transport Cart from FWE features a side-by-side heated holding compartment and mobile refrigerator with independent electronic controls.  Operators can hold, transport, and serve hot meals, cold beverages and sides all from one unit!  The flexibility it offers is unbeatable.


Improving on Genius!

The next generation of Clymate IQ Heated Holding Cabinets will feature an improved humidity control to keep the holding environment within tighter variance.  A brand new vent system will expel excess humidity given off by the product itself. This keeps foods such as steamed vegetables perfectly cooked.  Breaded chicken, french fries, breaded fish stay crisper longer by preventing excess moisture build-up on food that can cause crisp and crunchy product to become soggy.


…The One & Only

Everything about FWE’s Portable Bars is rugged, durable, cost-efficient… and now they’re NSF Certified for safety. This is a distinction that sets FWE apart from all other manufacturers of Portable Bars when it comes to safety.  The certification establishes FWE’s Portable Bars according the NSF standards.


Stop by Booth #2222 at NAFEM to see all of this equipment and more! 


For more information, contact FWE      7900 S. Route 31      Crystal Lake, IL  60014


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